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Remanufactured Panels - B Series Coupe ROOF SKIN (non sunroof version)

Irmscher Man

Remanufactured Panels - B Series Coupe Rear Panel  

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  1. 1. Please add my name to the list to purchase a Manta B Series Coupe Complete Roof Skin.

    • FULL COUPE ROOF (non Sunroof) SKIN (£261.00 Deposit). Please put my name on the list and contact me about payment
    • Not Interested Thanks!

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More good news from the OMOC Panel reproduction project. We have managed to get the B Series Coupe Roof Skin into production.

We do not have a final date for delivery but it is likely to be in the Spring of 2023.

The next steps will be to take orders for these, for which we will need a 50% deposit up front in order to make this happen. (Note - if the order does not go ahead for whatever reason, this will be refunded in full).

When the panels are ready they will be shipped direct from the manufacturer.

These will be very high quality items and made from 20 gauge steel. Some of their other items can be seen here - https://www.steelpanels.co.uk/products/ 



We will then send you details of how to pay. Direct Bank Transfer is preferred, and we can provide details upon request.

The Details:

OPEL MANTA B Series Coupe complete Roof Skin - Non Sunroof version. 

At present, we are also looking at getting the internal main support manufactured for the rook skin, but at present, this is not included in the price. 

The Price to club members is £522.00  each for a full panel. We are now taking deposits of  £261.00


TO RESERVE ONE OF THESE PANELS - Simply click on the Poll above and submit your name. We will then send you details of how to make your initial deposit payment to the club bank account and put your name down onto the order sheet.

This deal includes a 10% discount on the RRP of these panels when sold direct through the suppliers website. 

Some pictures of some sample roof skins that the manufacturer has already completed (not Manta):

Sample Rook Skin Expressed 01.jpg

Sample Rook Skin Expressed 02.jpg

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All in all, it's not a bad price.

Any thoughts on packaging, distribution. Overseas posting etc. 

I did comment previously on a poll of what exactly is needed for repair panels. Concerned that most cars that did need roof skins have been saved already. Let's face it, they probably won't need one either, if hasn't been needed already.

Still wouldn't put me off buying one for the parts department🤫 my stock. 

Great effort, and hopefully it will save alot of the later cars and get rid of those pesky glass aftermarkets. Where needed. 

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We are getting some decent response on the remanufacture of the Coupe roof skin, and Expressed panels are certainly going head with this project with us now. Within the next month or so, we will get some dates from them and we can start pestering everyone for a deposit. At the moment, we are looking at Spring 2023, so hopefully that will come off. The rear Panel is also in the production schedule, so will be going ahead at roughly the same time. 

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i am just waiting on news from the manufacturer. They are a little behind with delivery schedules so we are dependant on them at this stage.
I've dropped them a message today, so will update as soon as I hear back.

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Going ahead and we have taken some deposits already, so thanks if you are one of those people that have put some money down.

Now we can talk £££'s with the manufacturers, they will put them into the production calendar. I dont know a date yet but things have now moved a step closer.

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Hi  I paid a deposit back in September 2023 order number 583 but have never received any confirmation that it was received can someone confirm, deposit of £340 by bank transfer, thanks for help  Stuart 

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