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Loobie Maher

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The club has been in contact with a known screen supplier and we have managed to negotiate a bulk buy of screens. 

To secure orders we need a minimum of 5 per same tint type and minimum order of 10 screens. 

To kick things off for a first order we are proposing-

Bronze Tint with dark bronze sunstrip 
Green tint with blue sunstrip 

The price to club members 
Bronze tint £240.00
Green tint £228.00

Clear also available with bronze or blue sunstrip, depending on numbers, as this may be an option people want but as said a minimum of 5 for a production run.

To put into perspective,  Pilkington Glass are charging £400+vat for a screen, with a 12 week window from order at the moment. That always changes depending upon order numbers and batch runs etc.

We are also hoping to hold a small stock of screens to purchase as part of the growing OMOC parts catalogue. 

The screens when made will primarily be available for pickup from Northampton, or we can arrange with other committee members and area reps to hold for collection from them if possible. Essentially the less handling and transportation the better for such a fragile item and to keep the cost down for members with shipping from the supplier which as you can imagine would be expensive with the nature of the item.

The supplier has asked for the first order to be placed quite quickly. For manufacture, we need orders and 50% deposits or full payment in the next 10 days other wise it will be near Christmas for the next order to commence.

For interested parties put your name down with what you would like and how many. I can forward the club banking details for payment.

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Wrong prices
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From the Facebook official omoc group thread we have the following orders. Very quick response to demand which is good. 

as soon payments come in for minimal x5 of each type I can get the order in. 

Green tint blue top

Andrew Abbott

Kev Abbott

David Haw

Ian Martin

Simon Wilshaw

Brian Lannon




Carl Morris

Kev Abbott

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For those that have said they want one can we get payment please. We have enough to make the order for green tint but not bronze.
Was hoping to order today, Monday our latest to get order in otherwise looking at December/January.


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For those that have said they want one can we get payment please. We have enough to make the order for green tint and bronze now. 

I will have a few more days grace for anyone wanting one still until the factory pushes the buttons so to speak. 


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