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Wots Hot?

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the guage can vary between cars anyway as its entirely an analogue heat related unit but generally they rest about half to 3/4 of the normal range with a 92 deg thermostat.you can test a guage and use it as a comparison by unplugging the sender and fitting a 40ohm resistor to earth temporarily to see where the guage goes.  this again is not 100% consistent between perfectly ok working cars (2 of mine read exactly half way ,1 reads just under and one reads just over !)but can at least spot issues such as the usual voltage reg failure making the guage read too high. 

best way is to point a temperature gun at the thermostat housing and surrounding areas to get a more accurate idea if required./ comparison with other vehicles .

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1 hour ago, Jonathan Pounsett said:

If I plug the ecu into my laptop the live adjustments page says the temperature is 90 deg which I thought was okay but the gauge is in the red! I think the gauge may be playing up.

Recalibrate it with a resistor 

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if you are also experiencing a higher than normal fuel guagereading then this is the usual issue caused by the dashboard voltage regulator.purely a heat/ mechanical switch and prone to failures.test by putting the sensor wire to earth via a 40 ohm resistor. 



as jess says you can fine tune a working guage by adding a resistor in series or parallel depending on which way it is out.

you can also (if im correct) slightly calibrate a guage mechanically.i think they have some kind of screwdriver sliding slot / arm type adjustment internally .

different actual sensors by different manufacturers can also vary a bit too.


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