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cavalier Mk1 parts


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Hi, I ve got a cavalier mk1 2 litre GL and the charging light is stuck on so I think I need an alternator and the ignition switch is playing up too so I need one of those too. Any idea where to source these parts? I’m in Ireland. Any help greatly appreciated.

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I think I've seen alternators for a out £40 on eBay. If by ignition switch you mean the plastic, they sometimes come up on eBay but someone here will have one if you post in Parts Wanted.

A little more information about what you've already tried may help diagnosis. Have you tried fully charging the battery and taking it for a long run to see how it behaves?

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Thanks for getting back to me we tried fully charging battery and taking it for long drive but the battery goes dead. The ignition switch is when you turn key it can be hit or miss  I think it needs replacement barrel. 

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Could be starter jam and not ignition.

I would charge battery and test it with a multi metre, you should get an increase in volts with steady revs, if alternator is working. When car is running, and 3,4k rpm

Is the belt ok. 

1. Charge existing battery.

2. Try starting, if starter isn't jammed. 

3. Test battery voltage should increase, if alt is working. 

Few test before spending. 

Plug can be removed from ignition barrel, and started, is the barrel, is a pin. 

Rocking the car in high gear can help free up a jammed starter. 

Low volt battery will not help here, and will damage starter. 


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ok ,few things to try.a multimeter would be usefull !

ignition switch wear is common. the switch is quite heavily sprung and the slot in its coupling can wear .if the key part (the barell) feels to be operating correctly then i would suspect the switch BUT first it maybe worth removing it. dismantling it and cleaning the contacts first .

or replace !


the alternator does sound faulty but check.

little earth lead at bottom ok

main positive lead ok and secure in its lug

linking plug(if delco) connected and ok

blue/white warning lamp wire ok / not shorted to earth elsewhere.(ign light should go out if you unplug it)

12.5-12.7 volt reading with engine off and 14-14.5 with engine running ( above idle)

if its the bosch type then chances are its just the regulator .this can be replaced with no dismantling.just 2 screws hold it in. the brushes can wear,regulator chip can fail or thr unit can just have a bad connection.worth removing,cleaning to try.

delco type requires alternator removing and dismantling.

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