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Propshaft spring (Solved)


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1 hour ago, ®evo03 said:

Take it your 4sp manual, have one here, can measure and photograph if needed? 

Yes please! 

3 hours ago, cam.in.head said:

not on a 4 speed it shouldnt .it fits into the end of the gearbox on the splines and goes inside the gearbox. prop then presses against it to keep the centre prop against  its rear stop.

When I pushed it into the rear of the gearbox, it just didn’t feel natural. If you get me. I had to use a magnet to fish it back out. It’s a lot to compress in that area. 



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9 minutes ago, cam.in.head said:

the one fitted to mine is the same as your first picture. large spring. fits OVER gearbox end splined shaft.

it does on mine anyway. 

are you sure theres not a spring already in there ? they rarely fall out ?


Yeah there’s no spring in there at all. I’m happy to try putting this one in if it’s right, just need to be 100% certain as don’t fancy damaging it or anything else. 

someone will have a genuine 4 speed one they can check for me. External diameter of this spring is approximately 32mm 

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Seems Opel are at it again, as I've one car, one gearbox one spring. 2.0 4 speed. Never messed with ....



71mm x 31mm, slips inside gearbox, and sits on top of prop, see photo. 



If fitted you will see it brings prop back to your seal mark half way. On shaft input.

Prob better using wire wool on shaft once happy, and change rear seal. 

To be honest I might fit one on the inside also, should be able to work out correct length. 

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Been looking on some German websites and seems the 4 speed spring is indeed bigger than the 5 speed spring. The 4 speed spring goes as mentioned somewhere above over the spline into the gearbox while the 5 speed spring goes into the splined tube of the prop:

4 speed:




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While I was looking on those websites I checked Edelschmiede and no spring mentioned, only the manuals. But to be sure one of the auto-box owners on this forum can help you to be sure.  Found also why the is spring fitted, I thought to keep the vibrations as low as possible but came across this explanation: The spring pushes the prop to the rear to be sure the shaft in the rear axle tube (steel Manta A, alu Manta B ) doesn't jump out of the splines where this shaft enters the diff. 

I know the rubber donut in the crossmember is flexible so yes I'll keep that spring where it belongs 😁

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ive checked in my spares for you and the spring definately fits in the end of the gearbox. not a tight fit in any way thou but just slides in past the oil seal. definately not inside the splined end of the prop .you can see down inside with a torch.make 100% sure theres not one akready in as it may be hard to get out !

my auto one is also very similar if not the same .

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  • Sutty2006 changed the title to Propshaft spring (Solved)

Turned my gearbox upside down, good shake and it drops out, now try doing that with engine and box in place. 🤠 

But I think I remember pushing shaft into gearbox and loading spring, then pulling shaft out, shot out like a bullet. Then put it back into output for safe keeping. 

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