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NEC Classic Motorshow - New Video on the OMOC Youtube Channel

Irmscher Man

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For those that missed out, here is the club stand at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, held at the NEC in Birmingham. We have been organising the club stand at this event since 1994 - which came as a bit of a shock to Chris and I when we looked into it.

The B&W photo below was our first attempt at putting on a club stand - it doesn't actually look that bad but we go from grainy photos taken on a 35mm Film camera to Youtube videos taken using a digital camera on a gimble. How times have changed!

We have a Allan's Wide Bodied genuine Manta 400, Keith's superbly restored Vauxhall Cavalier Coupe and Theo's Rally spec Ascona 400, which is a very well known car in club rallying circles.

Three very different cars for us this year, and hopefully it shows that we are not all just about Mantas. In fact, there were more Mantas on the VBOA stand this year than ours, and with Ian Hills group n car on the Rally History stand in another hall, there were quite a few to look at this year!



Our first show at the NEC, some 28 years ago! 


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On 18/11/2022 at 17:23, ®evo03 said:

Great effort and great show. Nice to see some history too. Nice line up too, no hatches.

Hatch year next year? 

Thanks for your kind words. I did think about taking my Gold hatch along (Mr Virco’s old car) but didn’t really think it was quite up to standard yet….and the front brakes are not the best.

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