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Old Member Returning ,,, Again 😊


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I’ve been a member on and off for quite a number of years now, just renewed again, recent purchase in the pics Cavalier Sportshatch, same as my first car way back in 1984 

car is currently Auto but I’m changing to 5 Speed Manual, Low miles car with Webber conversion , very solid and straight , obviously Vinyl Roof needs to go and a bit of paint , will be a keeper this time round 😊




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4 hours ago, cam.in.head said:

ah,you got the ebay one.

looks a good car (i agree,roof needs to go . back to colour)

hopefully it will turn out to be a good car. lots of help ,info and parts on here so you should be ok.



Lovely old car under the bonnet 



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it looks very good in the underbonne area. most cars will have had some repairs around the headlamps /front inner wing area and yours is perfect there so hopefully that bodes well for the other typical rustprone areas.

areas to check (sorry if im telling you what you already know )

under and around battery area

under and around washer bottle area

front chassis rails around the lower crossmember mounting.

frront chassis rails rearwards of the mounting.

outer sills (rear ends usually rust first and under the chrome trim/screws

sides and general area of the front footwells



those are the initial areas that rust usually starts at but obviously anywhere can in theory .myself and many others on here will testify to that !

body wise the first things to show when these cars were nearly new were front wing tops , front valances and then progresses from there.

once you get yours up to spec(if it isnt already)then a throrough rust proofing of your prefffered choice anywhere and evrywhere should see it preserved for years to come.

these cars(like all of the era)can and will rust if left to their own devices.but can be made to last with the right effiort.



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16 minutes ago, Sutty2006 said:

Welcome back. 100% agree that vinal roof needs to go. It doesn’t suit the hatch. Great rolling project you’ve bought. Don’t throw the auto box away, we have a member on here who’s after auto gearboxes for his projects. 

Will keep that in mind, had a lad asking me for torque convertor already 

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