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Bosch Fuel Pressure Regulator

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I've been looking for a replacement fuel pressure regulator (absorber) for some time and they are very hard to come by. I've seen second hand ones for £150.00, new ones for £300+ and a few in between. Spotted these on eBay yesterday and have just ordered one for my car (1987 2.0e Coupé) - the guy has two left if anyone else is interested.

Bosch part number 0280 161 006   BMW equivalent part number 13 31 1 274 832


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2 hours ago, cam.in.head said:

always wondered about those ?

 they must be there for some reason but dont seem to make much difference if not there ?

i assume it damps out any fuel pump irregularities/ pulses and gm though it was needed ? ? ?

It was Bosch’s standard part for any LE Jetronic system. But was more to do with the pump, modern 044 type pumps ( not cheap copies) are far more consistent on output flow/pressure

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