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1980 Manta B Fuel hose gauges


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Hi All

Here goes with my first newbie question. As mentioned in my introductory post, I'm going to be trying to get my father's 1980 2.0SR Berlinetta Coupe running in the coming months.

I think I'll need to drain the tank and replace the existing fuel hoses as a matter of urgency.

As the car is at my parents' house 200+ miles away in the middle of nowhere, I'd like to get hold of the materials I'll need beforehand, but won't be able to look at the car to check what I'll need first.

I'm therefore wondering whether anyone here might be able to advise on what sizes of hose and clips I might need to complete the whole job.

Many thanks in advance for any help!


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hi. you will need some 8mm fuel hose r9 rated in case you want to use e10 fuel although i would reccommend using esso synergy 99 octane .this is zero ethanol in some/most parts of the country and means you can use the standard ignition timing marks (at least as a basic setting and in most cases it will even allow a bit more advance )

definately worth draining the tank .or even removing it to empty it completely if you can .a good chance to change the breather hoses at the same time .think from memory they are 5 or 6mm .

the main fuel line from front to back is nylon so you wont need much hose realy.just to join to the tank at the back and then the supply to the fuel pump and a short length from fuel pump to metal pipe up to carb.

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