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Early manta B Coupe or Cavalier Coupe?

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Went to the Ashvale in Aberdeen for fish & chips, excellent by the way, went to pay and spotted this rather large photo on the wall and couldn’t help but notice the car parked outside the Capitol in Aberdeen, is this a cavalier coupe or early Manta B?

it made me smile 👍


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3 minutes ago, ®evo03 said:

Did the manta not have over riders on bumpers? Can't see any?  

Cavaliers did not, but grainy pic......


My original SRB 1978 did not.

Does look like the number plate is in right spot for Manta.

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hard to tell from the pic realy.  looks like number plate is below bumper ? and deep sill trims would make it a cav .wheels could be done black by owner ?  cant realy zoom in enough to tell ?

overriders wernt std anyway .not even on a gls cav

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On 25/02/2023 at 19:34, chrisb said:

Yes Manta B, Cavalier had all silver rostyle wheels from factory Manta had them painted as in the photo

My sportshatch rostyles were painted in a dark silvery grey, hard to explain the colour.

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