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Opel Manta LSD Supplier

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Looked into these 3j couldnt tell me the crown wheel offset for  (3.44 our below our 3.67 above ) so I took my money to gripper instead excellent service built to my own spec similar to zf

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I went for Gripper, mainly due to knowing them from my Rallying days. Wasn't aware of 3J until last years Classic Car show but too late by then as I had bought and installed the Gripper, so can't really comment on 3J. Gripper are really helpful to talk to recommending settings based on what you want. I went for a custom build in the end, with more preload than the typical trackday setting, sort of halfway between the trackday and full rally setting, accelerating ramp a bit shallower than the ZF at 40, and decelerating ramp a bit more oblique at 65 (I think ZF is 45/45). Which as I understand it gives you a bit more locking force under acceleration, and less when engine braking compared to the old ZF.

Pricing looks similar with both

Is this what you were looking for on offset John?


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I have both a Gripper and a 3J, if i ever need another lsd it will be a Gripper without doubt.

Don't get me wrong the 3J works as it should but its not as refinned as the Gripper. Its much noisier maneuvering at slow speeds with lots of clanking the gripper doesn't have. It also needs a long bedding in process to settle the plates to each other, which the gripper didn't.

I have the 3J in my road car currently but i'll be swapping to my gripper soon and putting the 3J in my rally project where the harshness will work fine and noise won't be out of place.

3J is what the design guys from Tran-x started up after the tranx brand name was bought by Quaife.

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