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Twin 45 throttle cables


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Hey all 

Have any of you lads fitted a twin throttle cable setup to your manta on twin carbs? 

I've bought a set for mine which is an XE on twin dellorto 45s. Haven't got out near the car yet but just wondering do youndrill 2 holes in bulkhead, fit cables to block on pedal and then trim the cable to desired length? Do you need to crimp the cable adjusters onto the cut end of the cable then? 

Sorry for the longwinded questions lol 

Forgot to add the pics 



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There are 2 cable holes already in the bulkhead. There is a bung to the right of the standard cable that just needs to be removed



To modify the pedal, grind off the standard cable retainer, and round off the pedal to fit the new twin cable retaining block (don’t cut the end of the pedal off😊)

The cable just goes through the adjusters I’ve never crimped them to the end of the cable outer.

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Re-read the question 😊
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