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Opel Manta 400 R

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Hi there have just purchased an Opel Manta from Greece but having bother getting it registered. The car is 1977 but DVLNI need to know the year and month the car was built and where. I have the VIN number. Does anyone how I go about this? 

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6 hours ago, Limeysore said:

Lovely looking car, did you by any chance purchase it from Kostas Tselios?

Yes I did lol do you now him?

38 minutes ago, seanpren said:

Gorgeous car, colour combo works great 👍 

Are those black rear arch protectors available anywhere? 

Not sure they come on the car 

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Peter, I have never met Kostas but have conversed with him on a couple of sites.  He lives not far from Toronto Canada while I’m in the western part of the country in Calgary.  From what I understand he splits his time between Greece and Canada.  He has recently completed a Chevette HSR replica build which looks pretty tasty, he had talked at one stage of bringing the Manta over to Canada but obviously that didn’t happen.  Had he done so it would have been only the fourth Manta B that I’m aware of in Canada.  Mine is still on the spit awaiting a parts shipment from Germany.  Enjoy that 400R it looks fantastic.

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