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Opel400Club spring meeting

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As usually we had our spring meeting, organised by a member of the club. This year I took the honours to organise it in Belgium. Making sure we all could have rooms enough in a hotel, organising some activities and preparing road books. Not easy in Belgium cause our country looks like one big road work detour.

Thursday afternoon: Our "400" on the carpark of the hotel. Lonely waiting for the rest:


I could use this carpark as a privat place for the club, the first cars arrive from Germany and Holland:


After some time more spectators:




Friday we went to an Art-Museum, some pics over there:



Oil check:


I gave the keys and papers to our son so he could take the GSI with us on the road trip Saturday, but first he decided to visit an oldtimermeeting in the next village on friday:


So Saturday we visited the Mahy car museum in the Wallonia's side of Belgium:


And there was a Manta! :


And you all love pics of those engines:


Back after a trip with road book:


A mate sended this pic he found on Facebook, so another car-enthousiast spotted us:


Saturday evening, loading some cars:



And this same weekend the Manta "Fuchsschwanz" drove the whole 24 hours of the Nürburgring:


Back home after a nice weekend.  It was sunny dry weather the whole weekend, no problems and Sunday-evening everybody was safe home arrived.  After supper we went down to the carpark to have some quality club time and have a drink.  The "400" beer truck:


Grts, Herman

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Wow, what a great turn out and great array of cars. It's great to see the narrow-body 400 being carried by a classic transporter too!

The carbs on the crossflow engines are slightly ironic, as we have clearance issues with the brake servo for the CIH on right-hand drive cars, not a problem for left-hand drive unless it's a 400 engine! :lol:

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