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Hello everyone, I just joined the club 🙂 and look forward to using the forum to help with a Manta restoration here in Dublin. Recently, a colleague and I purchased the 1979 Manta berlinetta hatchback, reg. EJT 835V in Cashmere blue and in need of a fair bit of work. The car was upgraded for scatter rallying and was featured in the May 2005 issue of the Total Vauxhall magazine and it looked exceptionally good. 

I hope it's okay to mention that Ian Hill drove and probably owned the Manta before it ended up in Ireland about 10 years ago. 

That's the short version 😄 but I hope it's enough to jog some memories regarding the Mantas history and please get in touch with me if you do. I will post some photos on the members only Facebook page as soon as I am accepted as I can't figure out how to do that here (help) 

Thanks, Tony. 



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Hi Tony. Welcome to the club! Not sure how often Ian comes on here but he’s definitely on the Facebook group. He loves not too far from me. A great driver! Looking forward to updates on your project! 

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Welcome Tony, based in the Laois/Kildare area myself. Best of luck with the resto, just finishing mine off at the moment too. Seems to be more availability of repair panels now than when I was at mine so hopefully you'll fly along at it 

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Your car was quite well known a few years ago, over in the UK. I’m sure there will be a few photos of it at shows and rally’s. Ian used it for navigation rally’s back in the day and is still well known in rallying circles. I’m sure he’ll pop up at some stage and give a bit more history.

Great to see it is still about, good luck with it.

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11 hours ago, ®evo03 said:

Total Vauxhall Mag 






Needs to go back to this spec, maybe wider ATS wheels. 


13x8, available new also. 


Or 15x8



Thanks ®evo03 for the pics, those alloys look amazing, will definitely check them out, any idea on a price for a set of those bad boys? 

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Welcome on board Tony

I built a SRB hatch in Cashmere Blue for Road Rallying 35 years ago. Had a darker blue vinyl roof.

All ended in tears though, on an auto test 😂

Hope you have better luck👍😅IMG_2226.thumb.jpeg.f1a6bec891a45bebaf54a0fa0b7903da.jpeg

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11 hours ago, Tony Dunne said:

Thanks for the welcome Roger, sorry to hear about your Manta and from your pic it looks like it was a nasty shunt, I hope no one was hurt. 

Thanks Tony, luckily only pride and the bank balance hurt. Reshelled it on the driveway and was back rallying a couple of weeks later😊

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