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Strange things appearing under bonnet


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I found one of these under the manta a few months ago just washed and cleaned and found these laying under the bonnet just behind the headlights can't see were they are coming from did notice bonnet skin flexing as I drive are these bonding blobs between the frame and skin?.


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Mine has this issue, along with a rusty underside.

Would it be an idea to seal a little wider section to reduce rattle?

And on a similar note, has anyone tried sound deadening/heat spray or mat on the underside of the bonnet

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up to you but i sealed mine as a continuous bead around everywhere to add stiffness and reduce chance of coming loose again. did mine with high mod silicone.(that may or may not have been the best choice ?) but its stayed put for the last 30 or so years .

yes i like the idea of an underbonnet sound deadening mat and im sure something could be found if you could find a scrapyard that lets you walk around. never understood why our cars didnt have  them as carltons ,senators etc and even vivas  had them has std. ?

i suppose you could buy sheets and either do one large mat or several smaller insert sections.( prefer the one large mat ideamyself)

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