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New Beast in the Batcave


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Finally, and after long weeks of scouring want ads, a trip from Manchester to Portsmouth via London (where I let down a Scirocco seller) resulted in my new GTE coupe:




Painting her matt black, ummm Stealth Manta II, doors and bonnet done, should be slipping under radar by the new year. In good shape, except for the roof. Thanks to Kevin Ryan and family down on the South Coast somewhere, for the car and directions home.

Feels good to be behind the wheel of a GTE again.



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she looks like a very cool version of an american police car with that pied paint job.do like them in white but black is atrue sports car colour.hope i can catch a glimpse of you zooming around manchester,keep your eyes peeled for a red diesel metro flashing and beepin like a mad man

boonlocks,ive broke something else now

.. ( )


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