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Stainless steel brake pistons & sliders?

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interesting question ?

there are stainless caliper pistons around ,wether you can get any for our cars im not sure .mine has the early twin piston 48mm type ( i wouldnt personally bother with later delco slider type but if you could get stainless sleeves maybee it would make  them a useable system rather than regularly siezing as they do !)

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Cast with the chrome coating is what is OEM and obviously the cost effective choice and they can be refurbished with electroplating. Interesting question though about the SS option, is there any demand for SS pistons? 
My answer is maybe! Easy to draw up and CNC, but it’s the cost for a low demand product. I’m sure if such a refurb co. Like big red has not made them, then the plated option must still be very viable?

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Posted (edited)

Remember I sorted a discount with biggred, the caliper refurb company, if ordering parts or sending calipers for refurb.

They are very helpful and knowledgeable their stuff, and really put the effort in, to get the job sorted.

Proper brake guys

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