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4 speed clutch adjustment data

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I’ve looked through the Haynes book of lies, and the cable side is listed but not the pivot side. I have a new clutch fitted so need to get the pivot end adjusted. If there is a figure, I need to know where to/from for taking the measurements. Thanks 

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Just checked it in my garage: The screw is indeed 8 mm, the locknut is 19mm. I use a "banana key" on the lock nut:


Not sure what this key is in English 😁, if you don't have one a socket with a few extensions will do the job also

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You have to unblock the locknut and turn the centre screw, this will pivot the lever on the other side until the size "X" is 109mm (or 120 for a 9 " clutch). The size "X" is measured from the front of the bellhouse till the back side of the lever:


This is my 240 5-speed, identical procedure as the older 4-speed. When there's no tension on the lever cause no cable you'v got to push some tension on the lever to the engine. After that you'v got to set the cable to fix the position of the clutchpedal. 

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I measured that at 104mm. 


I have been able to adjust it up to 107mm but don’t want to go any further as I am running out of thread on the adjuster screw. 


so for now, I’ll try it when I next get the engine running and a seat in place. 




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Hi Steve, just back from a long weekend with the 400Club, sorry for the late respons...

You 'v got to measure from the front of the bellhouse till the BACK of the lever, see:




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the picture makes it look more complicated than it is. the tool( or tape measure) just measures from bellhousing edge to inner edge of the lever at the bottom ( not up at the top as the picture seems to show)    the tool just hooks into the gap.

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