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Engine/Battery light on while ignition off


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Hi all,

As stated above, my battery light stays on when the engine is switched off and the key removed. I have cleaned battery terminals, numerous earthing points, ignition switch/cylinder and connections to my alternator, all to no avail. If I remove the smaller cable with a spade connector from the back of the alternator the light goes out and I’m told that this means my alternator is the problem. Can anyone confirm this or offer an alternative suggestion please?

Also, assuming my alternator is the problem, could someone confirm the correct alternator for a 1987 2.0 GTE coupé as I don’t think the current one is right as the belt alignment is a few mm out with the pulley.

Many thanks,


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20 hours ago, Jessopia74 said:

Yeah, it’s a fault in the alternator, diode is breaking down. 

Thanks Jess, I thought you might know 😉👍


19 hours ago, cam.in.head said:

and to prove the wire / warning light circuit check that the light comes on if you touch it to earth ONLY with the ignition on . 

Thanks cam.in.head, I’ll check it out later today 👍 

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