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B series GT/E


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Hoprfully willl be out in time for the Kit Car show at Stoneleigh. It's a left hand drive which, I'm presuming was a personal import and has been off the road since 1987, according to the DVLA. It had been painted red but has been put back to its original colour scheme of Astro Silver with Satin Black bonnet, front panel and scuttle.

The underneath has needed no welding, but the rear wings needed plenty to make up! It has the earlier L Jetronic fuel injection, black beehive cloth interior, Irmscher rear spoiler and 70stastic rear shelf speakers.

Wonder how I'm gonna get on driving a left hooker cos so far I've only drinven it up the road and back and that was two years ago. [:D][:D]

I want to be an enigma, or do I?

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