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Tom's GT/E (restoration pics + details)


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Found a few pics taken during the restoration, there arent many because i didnt have access to a digital camera very often I've mainly just updated the last thread, i dont think i've forgotten anything this time...

It passed its MOT a few weeks ago, which is killing me because i cant afford to tax it (poor student).

Heres the overall details again...

Piper high lift camshaft (similar to 'ultimate road')

Piper hydraulic valve lifters

Piper timing gears and timing chain

Larger bore steel exhaust system (Ashley system, Janspeed copy)

Janspeed four branch manifold

Induction kit (K&N 57i)

Uprated clutch

Spax adjustable gas shock absorbers

Limited slip differential

Carlton 2.2 calipers and vented discs

Kenlow electric fan

Alarm and immobiliser

Extra sound proofing (felt on floors, bulkhead and transmission tunnel)

Smaller water pump pulley (aids cooling)

Electric aerial

Minor electrical improvements

Larger battery (one size longer, cant remember specifics but over twice as powerful as the old one)

Working on modifying the ECU at uni, just so the fuelling can make the most of the mods

Sound system

Sony CDX CA-850 CD player

Hellfire 1100W amplifier

Heavy duty wiring

(8 seperate channels, 4 of the 8 amplified + 'sub out' going to another smaller amp for the sub with 2 bridged channels), but only 2 Sony 6x9's fit so far at the rear.

6 speakers and a sub woofer planned overall

I dont normally get into full on ICE, usually a few small speakers and a small sub in the boot will do, just for good balanced sound, but seeing as i had the Manta completely stripped to a rolling shell it was easy to install some heavy duty wiring and speakers for a fat sound system [:P] Note that i wont be playing 'hard house' or 'happy hardcore', morelike Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepellin, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, and probably a load of dirty heavy metal amongst many others (generally music where instruments are actually being played).

The project started when i was 20 (im nearly 23 now), its taken just over 2 years altogether, and cost in the region of £1100 in that time. I luckily got most of the tuning parts from the previous owner which helped to keep the cost down, lucky thing too because I probably wouldnt have been able to afford them! I've used just over 12 square feet of 18 gauge steel on it (1.2mm) - anything rusty has been completely cut away and new parts fabricated, although i have patched only a few places which i'll keep an eye on. I did all of it myself, apart from rebuild my brake callipers which i sent away to be done (couldnt find parts).

I worked on it quite sporadically when i had it first of all, but after having it for a few months my girlfriend of 3 years broke my heart and left me (she wasnt too pleased with my lowly MK1 Cav and left me for a guy with a Scooby), so i decided to give girls a miss for a while and get on with the car. Its been hell, but about 20 months later here it is.

The idea was generally just to make a good all-round performing road car, and include a few other touches just to make it my own. Im pleased with it so far, more planned for the future though.

It's now noticeably quicker and more responsive than it used to be, and sounds beefier too... [}:)] I've got a twin DTM style back box to fit on it, should make it sound throatier still, although i'm gonna tuck it away a bit and keep it as subtle as possible - i dont want it looking like some cheap azz 'bolt on boy racer' mobile. (i think Mantas are probably too good for that anyway) [:P]

Not too many pics unfortunately, only shows a few of the areas i worked on, i wish id had a camera now! Judging by some of you other guys on here though i think i've been quite lucky, i only had to remake a couple small box sections for the chassis rails, and structurally the car was pretty sound with the A and B posts being fine, only light surface rust on the outside of the A posts. Main areas which needed extensive welding were the usual ones, inner wings, under the washer bottle, floors, jacking points, sills, and the back part of the boot.

Needs some very minor bodywork attention, and paintwork needs touching up in a couple places where it blistered where it was stood for a few years, which im gonna do as soon as the summer starts. Gonna get it set up accurately soon and rolling roaded.

Pretty good on the whole though, polished up better than i expected and came out really well in general. Quite a relief! [;)]















1984 GT/E Coupe, 1978 Cavalier, 1972 Firenza. OMOC # 5875

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