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One rotten four slot pannel removed. Had done a good job with filler last time but now it needs to be done properly. So off it came.




Needs a bit of work on the drivers side.


What the replacement pannel looks like. It's not fixed on yet.



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Started work on the drivers side inner wing yesterday. Lots of holes that need welding up. Weather permitting i will be doing that this afternoon.









Will need to take the engine, servo and master cylinder out to repair properly. That the only thing that stopped me dong it yesterday.


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Aren't the windscreen washer bottle trays a right pain. A dreadful design, with nowhere for the water to escape except onto your feet.

I always try to dry mine out after I've washed the car but I'll bet it goes again.

Best of luck with that lot Graham.



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As posted on other Projects, all the hard work will be worth it in the end will not keep you away as you look very busy.

Scottish Rep /OMOC


Opel Team Scotland.


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Why is it when you start looking you find more and more work?

You just say to yourself i can weld the inner wings if i just unbolt the wings, then the washer bottle, then get the manifold out the way, then......It looks like this.


Just so you can get to where you need to weld!!


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I can feel for you snowy, Looks like you have a pretty good car there. It just needs the total overhaul to make it good for the next decade. After restoring my V8 shell I take a different approach now if I see rust and crap I just strip the car down to a bare shell cause I known bit by bit the car will go in that direction. All the muck and sealer hides so much crap and once we start scraping we dont stop until we get to the back of the car [:)]

Your doing a sterling job there and the car will be solid when your finished [^]


OMOC N,Ireland Rep



OMOC 5706

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