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A10 WLY blue execlusive coupe

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bit of a story to this my last manta,i left it parked outside my house and early one morning i heard a crunch,some foll left his handbrake off car and it rolled down street into the rear quarter of the car made a mess ,anyway didnt have time of finance to fix it so i sold it fpr £170 to a friend of my mates back in 04 anyways i had knock on the door bout 7 mths ago and it was the police....."do u own a blue manta reg blah blah i was like not anymore sold it some time ago" anyways they came in and proceeded to tell me the car was used a s a getway vehicle for a burgalry in which an old woman was beaten and later died turning into a murder investigation...shocked wasnt the word!!! so the car was still in my name or still is as far as i know,keep a look out for it i may be able to claim it back possibly :

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This car came up for sale in Leamington Spa a few years back. Wasn't looking it's best unfortunately. [:(]

National Meetings

'86 broken 2.4 GT/E hatch - still looking for V6

'84 Original GT/E hatch - Sacrificing itself for the good of the colony!

'73 Original 1.6S - Duty paid (Thanks Mr Brown!!)

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I had the same call from the police about the stolen Manta, at the time i had a 16v blue exclusive. CID came into my work to question me, i sh*t myself thinking they were going to set me up or something!

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Sorry to bring up an old post but a friend of a friend owned this motor back in 2004 for a very short period of time. Still had the bashed in rear quarter.

Just a bit of useless info but nice to know its a small world afterall!

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