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Sure I saw a trashed white Monza on the trailer for the programme about Lotto Lout Michael "King of Chavs" Carroll, his hobby seemed to be destroying any cars he can get a hold of and annoying the cr*p out of everybody. What a D**k.

Most people would do something constructive if they had the luck to win the Lottery. Sad indictment of todays "yoof".

Makes me ashamed to see him wearing the colours of the football team I support.


Big B i200

Member No. :- 5727

i200 in bits - 1 day it will return

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Grrr that guy gets on my nerves. [:(!][:(!]

Best thing they could do with him is rub him out and give all his money (if he has any left) to various charities.

What a waste.

Arrived...1.8 berlinetta coupe...along with that old pain in my wallet...must be coincidence....

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