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MANTABIAN i240 project.


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Here is the i240 project that I'm already finishing. The basic things that were made are the next:

Original model: i200 (December '84)

The changes:

- 2.4 CIH engine from Opel Frontera with 2.2 inyection system.

- Front axle(it had a small accident and was better to chenge it).

- GearBox: the same Getrag 240 but in good condition.

- Rear Axle with limited slip differential (40%).

- Sport Springs.

- Lexmaul exhaust manifold + hand made exhaust of 63,5mm.

Here's the link that you can follow it all. The forum is in spanish but the photos speak by themselve:


Any advice or help will be thanked. Hope you like it.

Greetings from Opel Manta Club Spain.

Opel Manta Club Spain: http://www.opelmantaclub.com


dscn19261he.jpg http://opelmantaclub.clubgsispain.com/s ... .php?t=238

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Hello fae `CLAN` Manta Scotland,sorry can`t get pics up. If pos can you E-Mail some over to me of yur i240.

cheers rab.

Scottish Rep /OMOC


Opel Team Scotland.


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