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head work and new clutch


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had a few things i wanted to sort out last week, hopefully the running problem (changed injector seals, gaskets, fuel lines), the rattling sound from the clutch/gearbox area (changed clutch and release bearing), and the smoking on startup (lapped the valves again, changed stem oil seals), also changed the cam and sorted the engine timing out with the vernier timing gear, painted up some bits in the engine bay, sorted some rust under the servo, and shotblasted the inlet manifold and a few other parts.

sadly the car still doesnt run properly, the rattling sound is still there, and it still smokes on startup. what a forking waste of time!! [xx(][xx(] i missed a week of uni to do that. [}:)]

now looking into an injection fault, and gearbox mainshaft bearings. but fork knows why it still smokes on startup, havent got a clue how to solve that one. thats the second time i've changed the stem seals.

anyone know what else to suggest? im fed up with wasting time and money on this ungrateful heap of junk [}:)]








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weve just had the same thing with the xe,

smoked on start up, and noisey for about 5 mins,

piston rings and the bore had worn, the noise was

piston slap, got a rebore,over sized pistons new

big end shells, now its like a new engine, cost

a few quid tho, but it will do another 100000 miles[:D]

sunroof seal wanted please help!!!!

omoc member 5918

16v i240 hatch (coming soon)


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this engine was rebored about 20,000 miles ago, so all i've done to it lately is fit new rings and shells. i need a new cam kit preferrably as im running a worn standard cam at the moment, but basically other than that the engine is fine.

most recent comression test, after lapping the valves again etc. produced 180lb/ft every cylinder, so im more than happy with that.

im just trying to find whats causing the lumpy running and lack of power, cam timing possibly, or more likely i think its a fuelling problem.

1984 GT/E Coupe, 1972 Firenza., Mk1 Cavvy gone OMOC # 5875

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