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oh manta... how i hate thee....


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I finally decided to remove the carpets and soundproofing in my car... I wish i hadn't now...





sorry about the size of this... not sure why it's so big!!


so tempted to just buy a new car and bin it...[:(][:(][:(][:(][:(][:(][:(]

now i need to add new floor pan to the full set of suspension and rewiring of all my lights...


gonna be one expensive mot!!

B934RJA... With a dented face

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Moon Monkey,good start getting rid of that factory deafnin yur on yur way back tae a gid flare.

Dinae try and dae to much awe at thi wan time yae wull just git disheartened and jist mind most aff us on here have been whur yae are noo,one owe ma past hatches wiz like lookin after thi forth brig niver endin roond and roond `BUT` awe that goes intae ownin a Manta.[:)]

Scottish Rep /OMOC


Opel Team Scotland.


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i'll be honest clive... if you could do that in an hour i'd drive over and sit and have a tab or two... possibly get you to teach me how to weld a bit!!! the black crap... is it shutz??... on the picture of the massive crack.. most of it came off by hand... i started with the passenger side and thought... it doesn't look too bad... then saw the drivers side and was a bit gutted... then i started removing the black stuff and my heart dropped...

I know my car is a heap and needs a million and one things doing to it but the amount of cash I've spent on it... and the amount of bit's i've got waiting to go on it... (i.e. still need that front end sorting..[:I][:I]) I can't bear the thought of it going... not to mention the fact that i've got nowhere off road to keep it so I could do anthing with it... needs to be MOT'd and taxed... fekkin government...[:(][:(][:(][:(]

B934RJA... With a dented face

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