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D631 JWY


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Just a quick update on my Manta. I have had a good look underneath it today and boy am i relieved [:P]. All the chassis rails and mounting rails are solid. The only areas that need attention are the front footwells and outer sills as well as the A pillars[:(]. The only other bits of welding i have to do are in the usual spare wheel well in the boot and a small bit underneath the rear seat which is about 1" in diameter. Once all this is done i will remove all the running gear from the car and give the underneath a good waxing and underseal. I think i will be using dinitrol for this. Once all the running gear is out, cleaned up and painted it will be left to one side so i can finish the bodywork off. It needs the outer sills and the roof sorting out. After that i don't know what colour to paint it. When the car came from the factory it was white. I don't know whether to keep it this colour or change it. Any comments.

Also do any of you members recognise the registration. It used to be in the owners club some years ago i believe.

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How much have you bought Joe and how are you planning to apply it?

Would 5 litres be enough to do the whole car? Or 10?

Thanks in advance


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I bought 5 litres but I'm not sure if it would be enough for the whole car or not. It will be a while before I get time to do it I'm afraid.

The rust killing stuff (Hydrate 80) is similar to the old Hammerite Kurust but you get a lot more of it for your money and it came top in the last Practical Classics test a few weeks back. I'm using that in all the seams before the Dynax goes on.

Oops, sorry, I've hijacked this topic.[:I]



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