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shot in the dark

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I am looking for my dads old manta it was a p reg unfortunalty I have no pics with the full reg in it but it was the show car for the release of the manta b at the motor show that year so had all the extras on it. I was knee hi to a grasshopper at the time cough cough !!!! remember many a trip in it. It was red with black vynle roof, runroof, red interia and had the colour coded covers over the headlights. Think it had a tow bar as well.

here are the only 2 pics I have of it. ignore me n the sis in them

No funny comments either lol



I no its a long shot without the full reg but ya never no.......


Look Out Wide Car Coming through!!!!!!!

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Barry Clack had a picture of one of the original road test cars which he showed me last year at Billing. He'd taken it at (I think) Bromley Pageant a couple of years ago. It might have been MOY136P but I can't remember the colour I'm afraid.

However, I don't know if the Motor Show car was subsequently used for road tests. I'll try to find all the road test car's numbers and post them if I get time later.

I really hope it does still exist for you. I love early 'B's.

Just a further thought. If you've got the negative from the first picture, you might find there's a bit more of the number on that. Quite often you find they missed the very edges off when printing pictures.



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i have found a pic of the full plate but its very small so will try and scan it in and play with it so its readable.

fingers crossed


Look Out Wide Car Coming through!!!!!!!

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