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Harrogate Manta A and CC

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Ian Stathers asks:

Who lives in Harrogate and drives a Manta A and B hatch, which I see nearly everyday on the way to work.

horse.jpg Mark Kinnon, Site Administrator, OMOC Mem. No. 116

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Well i live in harrogate but i don't own a Manta A or a Manta B hatch.

Haven't even seen an A around these parts for a while, there is an old brown B hatch that i se now and then (totally original and looks like the driver bought it new [;)] )

keep looking and you might spot me one day in my exclusive coupe [:D]


OMOC no:3325

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I live in harrogate but have a blue Gte 87 coupe

theres also a white coupe o and another white coupe both either sides of where i live Neither of which look road worthy at this point

But have seen the gold Mint berlinetta around and it does look like he bought it yesterday from a show room

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