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Spewys Rallycar!


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Just about finished now, got some pics for people to have a look at

Sorry about the picture quality , I`ll get some better ones posted up!

It`s full gravel spec and should be out on a couple of Welsh events in the next month or two and then I`ll be trying to win the ANCRO clubmans championship next year!

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Took some more today








Spec is:


Bare metal strip down, fully seam welded and strengthened. Full cage and welded seat mounts. Carbon and kevlar panels throughout. polycarbonate windows and full FIA spec seats and harnesses and fire systems.


Dry sumped Neil Roper built High Torque XE full steel internals on 48Weber SP`s and Omex 3D managment. 247BHP


Quaife 5 speed dogbox, Ap Triple plate 7 1/4" clutch to steel torque tube, Manta B axle fitted with ZF plate type LSD and choice of 4.7, 5.1 or 5.3 CWP. 400 Halfshatfs


Front Evo 6 Gravel discs and AP 4 pot calipers , Rear Manta 400 rear discs with AP 4 Pot calipers and seperate Wilwood handbrake calipers. Bias pedal box and further adjustabe pressure valve. Hydraulic handbrake. Residual pressure valves on both systems, twin remote servos.


Front fully adjustabe wishbones with either rose joints or nylon bushes, solid mount x-member and rear arms, no front roll bar. Rear adjustable arms, nylon bushes, adjustable anti-roll bar. Progressive springs throughout. Bilstein dampers front and rear.

Other bits

Alloy sump guard, steel diff and prop guards, SBD exhaust manifold, 2 1/12" exhuast twin box with repackable boxes. Electric power steering with Harry Hockley adjustabe ECU, Carbon navigators panel with Brantz Lazer 3 trip meter. Carbon dash board. Heated front screen. Compomotive TH3 7 x15 Mag alloys to 400 gravel spec. Every fuel , oil and brake line is areoquip, front mounted oil cooler.

I had so much fun last year with my Old White car I couldn`t really help myself with this one!


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Liking the spec [:P]

Lacking the pictures [:(]

Sills?, what are those bits of rust laying on the floor then?

BOJ, Jodie, Chicken$h!t

Spares, Racer in waiting, GONE! [:(]

Now known as JC (Jesus Christ) Thanks to Big John for that one


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Yep that looks bloody brilliant [:D][8D]

Couple for questions for you, if you would be so kind.

What offset are the wheels you're running?

and what spacers (i think i see some in one pic)

Would love to build my rally project with arches but getting wheels/ tyres to make them look right will be the problem. Whereas unarched i have loads, and loads, and loads [:P]


OMOC no:3325

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The wheels are ET35 which is the original 400 gravel offset, however as you probably know cars have got a lot wider in track since the Grp B/4 days. I need to keep my car in the ruts that the WRC cars make as we run just behind them normally and that means I have to run spacers of between 5mm - 20mm. This depends again on tryes and conditions! The ones in the picture are on 20mm but even this leaves a bit of wheel inset to the arch. I don`t really care about the wheels sticking right into the arch, but unless you are building a gravel spec car you might have to do something about it!

However I do know that my tarmac whels are ET23 front and ET15 rear! Now they do the buisness.


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