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Custom Solutions strikes again.....


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Well, its not strictly speaking a Manta Project - more work done on my every day Calibra.

Just had to post a note to Clive to say a huge thanks for the help he has given me sorting out the seat mountings on the Cally. Quite the most superb bit of welding on such a small component...Clive...you da man - the king of bling !

I got in the Calibra to move it off my drive last night - without having the drivers seat installed. It's great fun to drive whilst sat on the floor - believe it or not, you can still see out of the window (well I can anyway). The neighbours defintely think I have a screw loose now - driving up and down the street with no seats in the car, sat on a rolled up jumper!

Now all I need is an MOT for the old gal - or I'll be driving the Manta to work and back for a few weeks (which is good enough reason to forgot the MOT to be honest)

Anyway, Cheers mate....I owe you one.[:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D]


OMOC Chairman


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