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My Manta Coupe


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Hi all,

While doing a little bit of work on my car the other day in between coats of rust eater i took some photos.

Thought i'd share some.

Drivers side wing off. Cleaning up the inner wing so it doesn't all go rotten before i have chance to cut and plate it.


Front end with a rather dull drivers side headlight. Must get the twin lights fitted. Wiring diagram would be useful if anyone has one ?


Passenger side Engelmann finally fitted


Drivers side Engelmann fitted. Looks so much nicer with the mirrors on.


My excellent drivers seat


The inner wing, not a pretty sight.



OMOC 5995

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I've seen worse as well. Old repairs seem Ok. Only issue is the old repairs are going rusty under the seem sealer. Had to scrape it all off and treat with rust eater and then re seal it.

Can't complain to much though, i bought it to work on and it keeps me happy and more relaxed than the day job.


OMOC 5995

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Hi Gary, not putting the 400 wings on. Just fitting one of the red ones you gave me as a spare for the rusty drivers one.

The 400 bits will be used to fix the V8 i've just bought. It looks a litte sorry for itself at the mo but it soon should be back to its former glory.

OMOC 5995

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