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Little vid


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Just did a little video on my phone.

Don't know if the link will work, I've never done this kind of link before.

It's coming off the road next week, as the MOT runs out.

Mainly body work jobs. God nows what's under that carpet!!!![:0]

I've got 2 wings, passenger outer sill & avers door to replace.

All other panels will have to be made.

Also going to build a custom dash and some body mods that I've not fully desided on.

See yu in 10 Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Never, ever, bloody anything, ever!!!!!




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well done you. i can't even get a picture up even with the step by step instructions.

Great looking car but i couldn't stop laughing watching the vid cos the dog just sauntered on and then i wondered what you neighbours must have thought you were doing if they had been watching, and then the dog came back into shot still looking disinterested as only dogs can. its made my night sad mare that i am.


OMOC 5876

anyone got a spare wheel nut! ive lost one!!

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