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Nice to have you back Chris.

quote:(oh and i lost interest in it for several months as well, which is why it's taking so long)


Know what you meen, My A has sat untouched for 6 months now.


Membership Sec.



sigpic2.jpgBefore sigpic.jpgNow

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quote:Originally posted by mantaray

Nice to have you back Chris.


cheers chris - you still got that slow old thing then? looks like a pretty fecking serious re-build you doing there

quote:Orignally posted by Devil Fish

for a minute there Chris, I thought you'd painted the roof yellow


lol - had to think about that one for a minute. I was going more for the love it/hate it angle rather than mimicing the jar[:)]

quote:Originally posted by Rick-Manta

Shame about losing the nitrous but this has got to be one of the most extreme Mantas around. I really like it but it'll surely have mixed opinion.


Thanks - the main reason i took the nitrous off was it was pushing the power well into transmission breaking territory. i looked into the possibility of a T5 box and axle but it wasn't cheap

so instead it's in a car with running gear that'll handle over 300bhp[:D]


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  • 1 year later...

Crikey, is it really over 18 months since i posted on this thread.

Now i've got the SX to about the spec i want it (300bhp

Just bought a new bumper and sideskirts off ebay and shall hopefully make a start on fitting them this w/end (obviously they're not designed for a manta)

Here's how it's looking at the moment, a bit of a sorry state....

But after charging the battery the engine fired up fairly easily, albeit a little rough - forgot how loud it is

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Oh cr4p Chris, sorry to hear that buddy, just as soon as you want to get some serious movement on something too.

And er, Wouldn't have been over to distract you on this today either due to ridiculous insurance quotes on imports

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You mean like this....


It doesn't look right - if you can get your foot under the front bumper it's too high

Made a little progress this morning.

I managed to get an S15 front bumper off ebay for £10!!!!

Thought i might be able to use the whole thing but it's got a bit too much curvature across the front to work with the manta's slightly pointy end.

So i've just used the bottom section.


Roughtly fitted in place you get this......


A little too low and perhaps wide but it can be adjusted

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  • 1 month later...

Thought i'd do a little update although there's nothing much to report

I've been getting up early and doing some work to it before going to work on the basis of do a little every day and eventually it'll get done

Excuse the pics as i'm just using my phone camera and it's not very good

It's gone from what I thought would be a quick tidy up to almost a complete overhaul though - discovered some rusty rear arches i wasn't expecting but nothing major

Got it up on axle stands and stripped the rear suspension out as the spring seats need some work - I welded a plate under them a while ago but it was only supposed to be a temp fix and there's now some holes elsewhere which need patching up



The cut-outs in the plate are an attempt to form some sort of way to hold the springs in place as the majority of the original seat has gone now

Seems to do the job OK though



The extra bracket above is to re-locate the panhard rod, getting it in line with the axle as I'm running very low springs (spax ultra-low?)

After a little bit of work it all looks like this now...



Replaced all the bolts with new ones and used stainless ones where possible - diff cover and ARB axle mounts

Also fitted it with a diff from a 1.8 for slightly better acceleration rearARB1.jpg

Haven't got the chassis mounting points sorted yet but it should work

After giving the underside of the body a bit of a clean and a fresh coat of underseal it's all looking good. I replaced the solid fuel lines from front to back while i was under there

As i'm planning on getting as wide a wheel under tha arches as possible i don't want anything to rub so i've routed the fuel lines slightly differently under the inner wing.....


The gearbox rubber mount had turned to jelly over the years so I've replaced that with something a bit better. Last time I looked into buying one they were stupid expensive so I've used a universal one and adapted the brackets to suit....



The triangular bracket on top mounts to the underside of the 'box.


and while i was at it a got a couple more rubbers and replaced the ones on the engine as well


The bushes in the rear cross member were not in good shape either but instead of replacing them I've opted to solidly mount it. Welded the crush tube in place with the help of a few large washers...


and made some mylon spacers to fit over the ends...


Can't see that it'll cause any extra vibration as the prop is still supported by the large rubber thing in the torque tube but it might help with chassis rigidity (or maybe not)

Been doing lots of other bits around the car, like tidying the wiring loom so it is all coming together gradually - although the list i've got left to do might suggest otherwise rolleye.gif

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  • 2 weeks later...

Yes mate - slowly but surely it seems to be coming together

Borrowed the g/f's digicam to take some better shots as the ones from my phone don't do justice to some of the work.

First up a shot from front to back - doesn't really show anything apart from the new gearbox mount, a bit of undersealing and the lack of room i've had to work on this thing


Here's the axle back in place - i've also added some straps to limit axle travel and prevent the springs unseating on full drop as they used to do


I like the idea of using chain round the axle (oldskool manta's drift car) but I opted for 4mm wire cable, bolted to the spring seats and through the chassis rail above

Poly bushed panhard rod with re-located bracket and Mk2 golf drop links used on the ARB


General underside pic - slightly better view of the drop link/bracket plus new fuel lines and braided brake line (and a bit of floorpan i seem to have missed with the underseal )


Back to the phonecam...

Fitted an 'engine torque damper' to stop any unwanted engine movement - had bought this before i decided to change the engine mounts but fitted it anyway


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  • 4 weeks later...

The gearbox rubber mount had turned to jelly over the years so I've replaced that with something a bit better. Last time I looked into buying one they were stupid expensive so I've used a universal one and adapted the brackets to suit....

look's like i am going to do this,really intresting how you have adapted part's to do the job :bow:bow

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Cheers, I think it's part of owning something like a manta - you have to improvise. Although i did see a gearbox mount on ebay the other week for £20 so these parts can turn up at a decent price, sometimes

Anyway, about time for a monthly update.....

Decided to have a look at the front suspension, see whether I could get away with a quick clean up and paint but upon inspection of the lower wishbone I found this....


Dosn't look too healthy so had to try and remove it, unfortunately both bolts were rusted into the bushes so had no option but to cut the wishbone and outrigger....


The outrigger I welded back together and strengthend with a little bracing


Painted up with nylon bushes installed and bracing added to both


Thanks to Greg i've got myself a replacement wishbone. Both of them are at a local machine shop having the ball joints replaced and the bushes pressed out - got some powerflex bushes to replace them, from Motorsport World

Also did a spot of strengthaning to them.....


using a length of perforated galvanized steel from B&Q

Having a look at the front cross member i found one of the wishbone mounting holes had corroded away quite badly so i've cut out the rot and welded in a big thick washer i found lying around....


and you might notice from that pic the bumpstops are a little shorter than normal - i had to cut them off a while ago as the car was virtually resting on them.

I've now welded some steel across the bottom of them and bought some Poly bump stops for a mini which will sit nicely on the end - why i bought yellow ones i don't know, black would look much better as there's no yellow anywhere else on the car

Also, as i had to buy a couple of bolts i figured i might as well replace all of them - over £20 for a few HT bolts, oh well at least they're shiney. got them from Namrick

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I'm sure this is dodgey stuff to weld,i welded some a long way back and it gave off white smoke which i was told was poisonous.

Yeah it is - very dodgy stuff, but it's only a zinc coating which can be ground off very easily with sanding disc, or you learn not to breath in when welding the stuff

Pic of the crossmember with mini poly bump stops....


Need to assemble the rest of the suspension to see if they're of any use - I've a feeling they could be a bit short but there's about an inch of thread so i can space them further down.

I've spot welded the bottom seams of the cross member - stitch welding would be better but the ammount of grease/oil/crap inside it meant that soon as i did anymore than a spot it all melted and ran into the weld - not good

Also modified the bushes which sit between the top of the cross member and the chassis rail, as I'm either polybushing or solidly mounting everything else

I spent today removing the rubber from them (by cutting along the weld on the bottom and opening it out), welding in the mounting bolt, a plate over the end and the crush tube in place....


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Cripes, makes me want to go check my wishbones!

Might not be a bad idea - I'm sure I read something on here a while back about cracked wishbones but I can't find it. I'm getting the feeling it might be a common failure though.......

Turned my attention to the upper wishbones today and guess what?

yep one of them is cracked

Not to the extent of the lower one but it's obviously not good....



Unlike the lower one I decided this was repairable though. Couldn't see any easy way of adding any bracing to prevent futher cracking but I think I've come up with a suitable repair.

Found some 8mm round bar, bent it to shape, welded it in place - seam welded along the cracked edge and stich welded the other side and then welded the cracks up


The other one looks in good condition so i've left it alone.

Picked up the lower wishbones from the machine shop this morning - took him a couple of hours to press the old bushes out, complete nightmare of a job he said.

They're now all painted up and awaiting the arrival of the poly bushes. Once they turn up I can get the crossmember re-built and the Manta back on all four wheels for the first time in ages

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