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Rick's Manta V8 - NEW VIDEO


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Rick's V8 Mantaid="red">id="size5">

1988 Opel Manta Exclusive GTE Coupe

Powered by a rolling road tuned 180BHP SD1 3.6litre V8 with jetted twin SU carburettors, twin K&N induction cones and cold air feed pipes, gas flowed heads (i think?!), unrestricted exhaust and manifolds with a balance pipe and loads more engine features which I'm yet to discover!

3-speed SD1 automatic gearbox with GTE propshaft and differential (not a LSD so a bit scary as are the standardish brakes!) Suspension unknown but it's too low for most speedramps and my drive[:(]. Parked out on the road tonight, it's just been resprayed so I'm staying awake all night to make sure nobody fu#ks with it!

All the exclusive kit plus a fibreglass 400 bonnet, spoiler maybe 400 style, not sure as this is my first coupe! The noise of the engine and fancy exhaust is superb, sounds like a Dodge Charger!


Dispite tax and test and the low and proven 59,000 miles there are still plenty of jobs to do, which as they're done, I'll post up here. I'm desparately seeking a garage for the winter as this will strictly be a show car for Billing and any local ones.

Very regretfully I am selling my 1.8S Hatchback. Any interested parties please check it out in the 'cars for sale' topic area. Proceeds from the sale will go to the V8 as I'm in a bit of debt having bought it!

Photos of the engine bay soon once I've done some cosmetic improvements. Many thanks for reading.

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Nice looking car there, the rear spoiler looks to be the standard Exclusive one, if its got a gap below it and its squishy it is, if its solid with no gap then its a 400 type..[:)]


OMOC 5924


1980 Black Berlinetta Coupe

1980 Red Mk1 Cavalier

1981 Ascona On the way soon

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[^]Stayed up just to make sure![|)] Plus my 1.8S is out on the road in front of the V8 which has a stealable stereo! No problems mind.

Once this bl00dy rain stops I'll have a chance to check out what else the cars got and what it can do!

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Heck Rick, that is a storming looking motor you have there, and with V8 power too[:P]

Just replied to a post you made on my V8 progress, so likewise......

Are you finding this very revvy at high speeds????

Also..... I believe there was actually a different spoiler for the 400

I know there was for the i200 it had slimmer longer side pieces and the main spoiler bit itself was slightly different too.

I know this for a fact as I had a GTE Exclusive spoiler and a i200 spoiler at the same time, I was trying to use the i200 side pieces with the 400/200 spoiler, just so totally different you wouldn't believe

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Not to revvy, once it's in top/3rd gear at about 75, the revs drop quite low, but I can't tell exactly as the rev counter hasn't been calibrated so it flys up and past the redline each gear. I got a bit scared and couldn't push it to top speed but at 100 it still burbles along. At Billing, I didn't get to hear your V8 running Clive but I'd imagine your engine has somewhat more output than mine, so maybe the auto wouldn't be so sensible?!

I'll have some shots of the engine bay up soon Pete. I've just got to get rid of the 'rover' bits on the rocker covers, paint em up and clean and re-oil the K&Ns before hand.

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quote:Originally posted by Rick-Manta

I'll do some vids with sound and upload them to photobucket.

id="quote">id="quote">Can't wait [:)]

OMOC 6005id="blue">


::::::::::: Is minic a bhris béal duine a shrón. :::::::::::
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Woohoo! I put out an advert a while ago for a garage to rent, which was originally intended for the 1.8S hatch. Just viewed and accepted a brand new one in a Witney new housing development which has got enough room for both the V8 and a workshop area [:D][:D][:D] no electric or water supply, but you can't have everything! If it ain't raining when I drive down there I'll make some videos and give the V8 a bit of a thrash (the advantages of automatic gears, though one handed opposite lock ain't easy without PAS!)

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Well I'm really gonna need the space now. F*cking disaster today, I've just done a little video of the V8 on my mobile phone and the bl00dy car broke down[:(] I think it's the fuel pump [V].

I've compiled the 2min video with an intro and it was in .3gp format and I've converted it to .avi but the file size goes from 1.1MB to 84MB[:0] which to upload with my dial-up is stupid. I've uploaded the 1.1MB .3gp to photobucket and it has put it in .flv format (whatever the hell that is?!) here's the link to my photobucket album:-


hopefully the sound converted too as that was the main point of it.

PS Can anyone recommend a good electric fuel pump? [:(][:(][:(]

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Hmph! Nothing's easy is it? Clicked on the vid in my photobucket page, first it gets me to download Adobe flash 8, then when it does play there's no sound! The video quality is crap, the V8 noises was what made it.[:(] what a day! Better do something about that fuel pump tomorrow!![:(][V][:(!]

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not getting any sound on the vid[:(]

have you tried registering with youtube - it supports a lot more audio thingys - had the same problem uploading a video from my phone, tried photobucket, putfile but could only get sound on youtube

looks nice anyway and as for the fuel pump a facet red top should do you nicely - available everywhere - DT, rallydesign, rallynuts etc


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Cheers Chris. I'll try that youtube or could just separately upload the sound, it honestly sounds like the dodge challenger in Vanishing Point expecially where I floor it out of the turning and up the road in the vid.[}:)] (The bloke at the beginning wheelspinning in the car park is my dad BTW, I'm far uglier!)

I'll be checking the relay sat next to the fuel pump tomorrow, if it's that I'll just wire the pump straight from the battery with an on-off switch! If it's not the relay then I'll be fitting one of those facet pumps suggested.

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Hmmm, should really use a relay Rick, generally much better practise all round.

If in any doubt, just rewire the whole fuel pump circuit on its own wire from the battery with an inline fuse just before the pump.

Things can go horribly wrong when not using relays. Switches burn their contacts out very quickly from the initial arc across the contacts when turning on direct from the battery.

That is unless you are using a switch of the correct rating for the current draw of the pump, but I wouldn't have thought they would draw a vast amount of current anyway.

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TBH My skills with eletrics are just as limited as they are with mechanics, and I don't actually know what a relay does! My guess for years that it was a glorified fuse?![:I] There's another identical 'looking' relay next to the pump one that wires up to the twin electric fans, again no idea what it does. Sheesh, my 1.8S was oh so easy compared to this, but the V8 engine I'm told, is a simple design!

BTW Clive, I noticed at Billing you have your rocker breathers connected to a box on the inner wing. My standard pipes have got what look like non-return valves that I think filter the fumes before they're sucked into each carb, are they necessary? I'd rather have 'em out to the atmosphere instead of clogging up! Also, how are things on the Custom Solutions front? I've just written an email which I'll be sending you in the next few minutes re: prices for some upgrades if it's no trouble.

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I've just had a look at the facet fuel pumps on rallynuts as suggested by Chris. They certainly look the business, my only hope is that they're supplied with 'from scratch' fitting instructions as it's worth re-doing the wiring and I've bought a few steel braided hoses just to finish[:D]


To add insult to injury, I'm noticing several 'imperfections' showing on the cars body work whilst it's been out in the rain. Bubbles in the roof for starters[V]. I'll leave that to a bodyshop (would like to have a black respray but that's probably a little bit copycat[;)])

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tbh Rick the rocker covers should really be venting back into the air filter base on my V8, NOT best pleased that the Carbburetter place I took the car to didn't actually do this as per my instructions, fecking w4nkers.

Realistically it shouldn't do any harm being fed back into the carbs, and would be tempted to leave well alone as removing the breathers to your carbs could slightly alter the set up as the crankcase gases tend to richen the mixture up a little.

Yes mate got the email, looks like i'm in for one hell of a late night tonight in an attempt to get through all the email, ebay listings, and other enquiries and invoicing and crap, who'd want to run their own business i ask you.

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He he! Good to hear the business is coming in Clive, No rush with my stuff. I did have some trouble looking at your website, instead of the homepage, a graphics index appears. You'll probably already aware but thought best to let you know just incase. Thanks for the advise on the breathers, I've also recently discovered that the little filters in the standard breather pipes are actually service parts which need changing every now and again [V] hopefully I'll think of something just to tidy them up.

PS Just got Manta Magic today, stunning cover page car [;)]!

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Yes Rick thanks, but I did know the homepage was down.

Quite a good reason for that too, due to the way I've had to change the way I work.

Will be sitting down tomorrow evening to deal with all the enquiries that didn't get dealt with last night.

And how come you have your Manta magic already[:(]

and thanks for the kind comments, also doing a black Manta even a black V8 isn't really copycat.

It's like seeing a nice white Exclusive and saying "I'm going to respray mine white"[;)]

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Got a bit done today including fitting a new Facet fuel pump (as suggested by ChrisT, cheers mate). I bought the red top works interuptor full kit off of rallynuts (the link in an earlier post) with some different unions and some braided fuel hose to dress the engine up little by little, start as you mean to go on, etc. It looks the b0llocks and the V8 fired up first click!


Next job, I removed all the Manta GTE decals from the bodywork, a task made easy since they've only been on a couple of years. The GTE stickers did give the car a 'sleeper' look, but I want the car to be more understated plus it's not a GTE anymore[^]

Next, took out the two K&N cone filters which are absolutely filthy,

I don't think they've ever been cleaned and they are ruined despite my two lots of filter cleaner and leaving them to soak over night. I did a quick search and unfortunately K&N don't do pancake bolt-ons for the SU's since they're side draught[:(]. I'll look for alternative makes. Additionally the SU's have spring and vacuum driven plungers which I assume let more or less fuel into the mix. These are housed in aluminium pots which I'm told have chrome covers as an availiable modidfication which I'm now on the hunt for if anyone can help here please let me know.


Next job I thought I should make a start on swapping some of the custom solutions stuff on my 1.8S that Clive made for me, over to the V8. Today was the gauge panel in the centre console, I would have just swapped the whole console if it wasn't for the fact that the 1.8S has a red interior and the V8 has grey. Wasn't hard mind and I've popped the cassette holders into the 1.8S for when it eventually sells. Got some engine bay stuff too which can wait until I've ripped out the heater and a tonne of other things!


Something I need advise on here please: The alternator is a standard Manta one which has been fitted to the SD1 block on the nearside close to the bottom. It's hard to see in the picture below, but the drive belt is being pulled back slightly due to how the alternator has been fitted. My concern is, will this be putting pressure on the pulleys? The SD1 V8 has it's alternator sat on the offside top (opposite side to the rad top hose at the same height) and I'm wondering if it's worth me moving it to this location?


I've got this week off work so should have a lot more done shortly. Bad ba5tard luck though! The aforementioned garage in an earlier post hasn't gone through, the bloke hasn't turned up with the keys and twit that I am didn't take his phone number! Didn't leave a deposit thankfully, but the V8 is still parked outside to go rotten!



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You might need a 'myspace' account but this is the previous vid with sound.


Just a quick update. I've done absolutely no work to the V8 and it hasn't even been started for an aeon, but I am however tripping over mountains of chrome, polished steel and other bits and bobs from my 1.8 to fit once I've got the facility to do so this winter. Main bulk is the chromed rover covers, twin k&n's, dashpot covers and several items from Clive for which I'm going to have before and after pictures as it'll be a complete underbonnet transformation!

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