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GTE COUPE ( white ) D129UCF

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I have just purchased[:)] this White ( black vinyle roof ) GTE coupe .D129 UCF

It is in excellent condition with 66k on the clock . the chap I bought it from ( Nrth Hertfordshire Area ) had a house fire a couple of years ago which consumed the service history ? ( A likely storey ! [;)] ) I have every faith this to be true as the chap seemed genuine and wasn't asking an arm, or a leg for it! Does anyone have any info on this Manta ? It has obviously been cherished & well cared for and looks a million bucks[8D].I would appreciate any feed-back/knowledge from members. Thanks


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This is a tricky one.

The only kind of history you can find about cars on internet sites these days are the basic 'Stolen/Finance' etc, etc, issues.

What i would suggest is speak to the guy you bought it from, find out where he got it serviced, and contact that garage to see if they have any records, be it on paper or computer.

Having worked in a Vauxhall main dealer, all reciepts and records had to be kept for a certain amount of time so its worth the ask.

Hope this helps. [:)]


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Thank's for your advice . I have spoken to the previous owner and am in the process of contacting the garage that looked after it whilst he was the current keeper . Thanks for the response.

[:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D] Still over the moon with the C coupe !


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