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D600 DFK B600 OEA i240 Original Pictures

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Dear all,

Here are some pictures of my father and brothers i240's and i200. These pictures where taken in the late 80s and early 90s, all three cars are original Irmscher cars.

I will shortly be uploading original documentation and more pictures of these cars once the scanner is working properly...

The documents include:

Dyno Test of B600 OEA when car was owned by Steve Thompson Cars...

Preying Mant Articla from Motor Weeek Magazine December 1st 1984...

Letter from Irmcher highlighting all original modifications to D600 DFK...

Purchase Receipt for D600 DFK July 1990...

Irmscher i240 article icluding comparison with Porche 944, Alpina BMW and Mitsubishi Starion...

Original i200 spec sheet...

All three cars were in the familly for many years during the late 80s and the early 90s. The i200 (C888 VWD) was only sold during 2004 to a chap in Western Super Mare but is now beleived to be in Sourthen Ireland.

Please click on the below link to view pictures, please note updates will be received in due course...



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try a photobucket account. They are free and once youve uploaded your picks go to the options and make sure you select open to all or something like that so that everyone can view them. I find them really good. WOuld love to see the pics!



Andy Turner a.k.a Fat Southern B'stard membership no: 3783

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If you email them to me I could upload them to my webspace for you?

PS - I've been fortunate to see D600 DFK in real life, at the Yorkshire area pub meets / events - is a really , really nice looking car!

I've also got a picture of my car next to it !

Makes mine look pretty rough though, but at least it gives me an idea of what to aspire to!


OMOC: 6010F

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Ok boys here we go...

I think I might have done it.

Log on to Photobucket.com and in the top left had corner there is a search option, type in MantaMad_Photos and please reply to tell me how u got off.

I've got loads more where these come from and original documentation for the cars from Irmrcher, Steve Thompson and Peter Maiden. They include Dyno Tests, Spec sheets and some gold old war stories of blowing Cossies and so on ha ha


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I thought a few people would like these.

Don't get me wrong D600 DFK is no loger in it's original condition but the 400 front bumper, the 5-Stup Ronals and so on look AWESOME, it's been tastefully done...

When I get hold of my bro and dad they'll be able to explain in more detail the spec of both the 240s. (B600 OEA was of a higher spec than D600 DFK)

When the scanner decides to work I'll post the docs + extra pics I refered to in my previous post on photobucket.com

I would also appreciate info on how and where the cars are today...


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You need to speak to aliopel who is the current owner.

I met him and the car at a pub meet in September.

The car is really amazing looking, not a blemish on her.

I hope aliopel does not mind, but here is a pic I took on a mobile at the pub meet


OMOC: 6010F

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PeteM - With regards to the rims on D600 DFK they are the original Irmsher rims that came with car.

The show was an annual show that took place in Castle Coombe. In them days there would be 240s, 200s, 400s, and all sorts there.

With regards to the original documentation in my previous post they should be on the photobucket web site tomorrow.

The owner of D600 DFK and B600 OEA might be interested in these as there is extensive info on both cars and anyone who ownes a i200.

Having spoke to you guys, my brother and I now have the manta bug, so who know we might be at Billing next year!

Don't know much about the 400s in the picture as they were not our cars, is this car still around then?


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B600 OEA was my car for a short while last year and unfortunately I had to sell her due to a number of other projects (Opel GT's) and because I felt that her condition was such than it was more than I could manage, she basically had a v. bad case of tin worm, but apart from that was very much complete, although she didn't have the multi-spoked alloys any more.

Mechanically she was also an unknow quantity although the guys I bought her off confirmed that Jerry Johnston (DTV fame) had carried out an engine rebuild at some point in the pasted, though she hadn't run for 10yrs and so I didn't want to risk just firing her up. Interior was still in VGC and the arches etc were generally fine.

I kind of regret selling her, but I'm a GT man really and so I sold her on the Steve Titmus (titsonrallying) and I think he may have since sold her on to a chap in Ireland.

I'm sure someone will put her back to her original state, and unfortunately despite looking through my on-line photo album I can't find any pics of her.

At least the history continues on though.


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Its great to hear of some of the original history for the Irmscher cars. I've owned 2 i200's and very nearly bought D600 DFK earlier this year, so its great to see something of their earlier lives. Thanks for taking the trouble to post these pics up.

Whilst we are on the subject of the Irmscher Register:

I seem to remember that B600 OEA was originally the Steve Thompsons Demonstrator i240, along with A99 JUE, which was the original i200, (now sadly cut up). Both of them appeared in various magazines and test drive articles - (which I have now sourced, if anyone is interested.)

It is probably worth mentioning that a large part of an Irmscher cars identity is the Registration plate. As a rule, the majority of the Irmscher cars have Walsall number plates, (DH EA FD FK HA NX UE or WD). Changing the plates on one of these cars is perhaps not the best option if you intend to keep it original.

As the keeper of the "Irmscher Register", I do try and keep track of the whereabouts of the i200's, i240's and 400's but it is a bit of a job to keep on top of where some of them have gone. If anyone has bought one recently or know of the whereabouts, please drop me a line or post something up. We currently have 31 on the register (including cars that have been broken up).



OMOC Chairman.

Memb no 1679F


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Motor Mouth - What were you thinking getting rid of B600 OEA that was the most famous 240 out of the lot of them, Never mind...

Irmscher Man - Thats right B600 OEA did appear in a few Magazines and had all the options available. Hopelly sometime this evening I will have better pics of both 240s on photobucket,a magazine article - B600 OEA and original Irmscher docs relating to D600 DFK.

Are any of the original Irmscher cars likely to come on the market in the future?

The owner of D600 DFK hasn't left a post, I thought he might have been interested in some of this info...

Does any body know of a reasonably solid GTE/Exclusive that might be for sale? The Manta Bug has struck... Ha Ha


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For those who are still interested. The following are now uploaded to the photobucket web site. (MantaMad_Photos in search)

B600 OEA - Dyno Test, Magazine Artice and more photos

D600 DFK - Letter from Irmrcher, Purchase Receipt and more photos

C888 VWD - Photo

i200 - Official Irmrcher Info

i200 & i240 Irmrcher Brourcher from Steve Thompson

I'm still waiting for more pics of C888 VWD, when they arrive I'll let you know.



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"...reasonably solid GTE/Exclusive...."

I love an optimist, especially the words 'solid' and 'Exclusive' in the same sentence.[:I]

Joking apart, there are a few good ones still out there so I'm sure one will turn up if you're patient for a while.

That Manta bug certainly is a virulent illness.



Please remember to log in to this site from the home page. It helps it to be first on the list when you type in 'Manta' in search engines, and there's some good stuff on there too.

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