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  • Fitting Manta Decals from the Club Shop

    Irmscher Man

    Fitting the Decals :

    1. Initially, make sure the decals are flat. If they have any ripples in them, they will not fit properly. Ensure that the area on the car is clean and perfectly dry. Wash the car first, then wipe over with meths to remove any wax or residue.
    2.  Now make sure that you know where the decals have to go. The blitz obviously sits centrally on the front panel.
    3. The “Manta GT/E” on either side of the car with one word on the door and the other on the wing. These fit just above the swage line.  The  remaining GT/E’s go on the front lower airdam and the bootlid.
    4. Without removing the backing paper, lay the decal in its intended position to ensure fit and layout. If the decal needs to be aligned with something, ensure that you know where it has to go.  If you need a guide to ensure the decal goes on straight, use masking tape which can be removed after the decal application.
    5.  When you have the positioning sorted out, spray the surface of the job liberally with a weak detergent solution from a trigger spray bottle. A few drops of Baby shampoo mixed in clean water is ideal for this. Hold the decal up and remove the backing paper to expose the adhesive.
    6. Spray the exposed adhesive liberally with the detergent solution.  The detergent solution allows the decal to be positioned correctly, (it allows the adhesive to slip on the prepared surface). If the decal won’t slip easily then there is not enough detergent in the mix. The detergent also allows you to squeegee the air bubbles out from under the decal.
    7.  When the decal is in the correct position, use a squeegee to force the detergent solution from under the decal, so that the decal sticks to the surface. At the same time you are also bursting tiny beads of adhesive that make the decal sticks properly. Work from the middle of the decal to the outside, to remove all of the liquid and air between the decal and the paintwork. Use a clean paper towel to dry up as you go. 
    8. Allow the decals to dry for at least 24 hours in a warm area if at all possible.

    You can download these instructions and print them out if you need something to refer to in the garage. Simply click on the file below to open.

    Decal Pack sheet.pdf


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