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  • What was life like in the 1970's when the Manta was new?

    Irmscher Man

    When the Opel Manta was launched in 1970, the world was a much simpler place.

    Fashion and Style - This was a decade when men wore stylish leatherette or Faux Suede and as far as colours were concerned, modern science had discovered a way of imitating the distinctive colour only usually seen when very young calves have an upset tummy. 


    Panache - With every Manta ordered from your main Opel dealership came a guide on how to wear your Leatherette sports jacket over your shoulder, in fact in 1972 a Common Market directive made this compulsory for both men and women.


    Sex Appeal- Way back in 1970, sexism hadn't been invented and it was important that both men and women were the target of the Opel press machine. In fact it was very important that women realised that they could climb onto the bonnet of their husbands new Manta to perform those simple household chores like cleaning the windows or repairing the roof of the garden shed.


    Forward Thinking - A little known fact was back in the 1970's due to the power shortages and coal miners strikes, every new car owner was presented with a pair of white nylon slacks for use if they needed to recharge the car battery. 5 minutes of country dancing would produce enough electricity to fully charge a 55Amp hour battery.


    Environmentally Aware - Even as far back as the early 1970's, Opel recognised the need to preserve wildlife. With every purchase of a new Opel in 1972, the proud new owner was able to choose from a Great Dane for S denoted models, A Black Panther for SR models and African Elephant for all range topping GSI models.


    5a984638a2eb4_BlackPanther1.jpg.8c303cca716b1e5be697e4f76ab32856.jpg 5a9846498f3f3_ElephantsOpel.jpg.e9e7c396a097a7d6a7d931e013d7de62.jpg



    It surely must go without saying that naturally, none of this is true but the 70's sure were the most awesome decade!

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