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  2. Not sure. This manta had a 6 ft aerial coming out of there and a hook on the C pillar to keep it in check. I’ve ditched that. Might put another aerial through it or put another wing on. I want to try and keep as many original panels as possible.
  3. The seller/trader,was probably so impressed with its bodywork and structural soundness, that this would be enough to sell the car alone which it is...but not for 6k in so he's probably just testing the water just to see if someone will bite on a "as is sale" So in reality as people in the know...er, know that he will have to recommission it himself put a ticket on...oh and give it a proper clean.🤑
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  5. blitzi

    Heater box

    i will pack if you arrange carrier bud no probs cheers wullie
  6. I just noticed the aerial mounting hole in the front wing, was that the standard position on the Manta B?
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  8. Hi I saw both of them just seen this manta up for sale https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F163649404578 regards sie
  9. Another coupe project or the missing parts required https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F293058964806
  10. Great that you have made some progress mate. I had forgotten just how nice that colour is, haven’t seen one for years. Are there another others in the club I wonder?
  11. Very rare Irmscher Sport steering wheel, as evo3000 says. Try finding one of them second hand!
  12. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  13. it will make next to no difference, unless it was climate controlled for humidity and temperature. Trailers get hot as hell and cold as ice, for 15 years. the seals on the engine might do a little while before they let go, likewise you might get a good pedal with the brakes for a bit but as soon as you get a bit of use and heat in them stuff will seize/leak and generally fail. I am sure its a great car, I for one would be interested in it simply because its not going to be the usual amount of work to get it right. buts its still a lot of work needs doing to makes sure it is safe and reliable. I am halfway through putting an 1800 hatch back together that was liberated from a 16 year dry barn slumber, its got 56k on it and I have it down to a bare shell to make sure its all "right" before I use it. So far I have found dry rotted suspension bushes, seals that are hard as rock and rear wheel cylinders that are totally seized. This is a car that was also never used in the rain and garaged its whole life. I believe this because the petrol tank is pretty much perfect. no rust or mud anywhere. I hope the GTE gets the six grand, it will be a happy day for Manta values !
  14. Be interesting to see how much this one goes for given it's incomplete etc. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-GTE/183782830381?hash=item2aca4f712d:g:tCQAAOSw6JNcvIsu
  15. I do get the impression with this one that the previous owner bought this in a solid already restored state and just put it in the nice and dry trailer for 15 years.😕
  16. Recon you can post it? I’ve got a heater motor, it’s a bit stiff but I’m working on freeing it off. I’d do the polo conversion but alas our guru is no longer with us.
  17. blitzi

    Heater box

    yo sutty i have one but in scotland but no heater motor in it. cheers wullie
  18. Just found my heater box to be cracked badly. Thought I had a spare but can’t find it. Anyone got a complete heater box forsale? I know they don’t rot so there’s got to be one somewhere!
  19. A little more done today. Fitted shockers off the red hatch (that got new ones year before last) fitted anti roll bar with Powerflow link bushes. Fitted hubs with disks and then stuck some wheels on to see how it’s sits. Fine I recon.
  20. After cleaning the BBQ down before the relatives arrive, I managed to sneak in another 45 minutes on the Cav - its amazing how quickly you can revive a BBQ thats been under cover for over 6 months when you try - and its all in a good cause of course. I'm feeling more positive about this panel now. Here it is after a lot of sanding then then application of a little skim of filler in the low areas: Enjoy your afternoon everyone - I'm now looking forward to an afternoon lounging in the garden with a fruit cider or two to keep me company. As you can determine, I'm not much of a drinker, but I know what I like, and thats really all that counts.
  21. The boot lock I have apart. Unfortunately old dried grease have distorted the six small springs that operate the tumblers. I have plenty of locks so parts aren't a problem but thanks for the offer! It's just the door locks I can't see how they come apart. Can get new springs but will be a month before I see them.
  22. This morning I have been a fairly busy bee, fueled by a popular malted breakfast cereal knitted by Nana's, coffee and a whole Easter egg shell and its entire contents! Firstly, I sanded back the filler added to the small dent on the roof: Then the low spot on the front scuttle - this is the rough filler: Then with the stopper filler added. Once this has fully dried a light sanding will see that defect fixed: Then back to the NSR quarter. Further investigation and templates etc, revealed more errors than I had realised previously. Oh well, I'm an idiot and now I'm learning the hard way - there really is no short cuts to this work At least I am keeping the local sellers of body filler and wet and dry in business Happy Easter everyone!
  23. Keep going Ian! After doing my back arches I couldn’t bare to see another pot of filler! I think it can be soul destroying as you think you’ve done a good job, put some primer on and.....agh... still not right! 3 hours later and you’re little further on. Iv left mine and been doing other stuff but I know they’re still waiting... keep going, it’s you that’s got to happy with the job 👍 looks great btw!
  24. The inner barrel is held in from the back with a round sprung wire sat in a groove. Remove that and the barrel will slide out of the housing. What spring is it you want as i have a draw of old locks and bits for when i need to rebuild or recode a lock.
  25. Last week
  26. Got disks and fitting kits just need pads now should have some coming soon. Do need brake hoses though but can get them made locally if there aren’t any around
  27. A couple of hours messing around this afternoon on the NSR quarter and some other areas. The quarter panel itself is coming along quite well, but will need a ton more work before I will be truly happy with it. Why I ever decided this was OK to paint I do not know... Anyway: After that I put some filler on the dent in the roof I had missed, then some on the low spot at the top of the scuttle panel. As usual I have put ten times more on than I probably need and also made a mess of actually putting it on Lets all keep our fingers crossed that the Easter Bunny does the business tomorrow!
  28. As title. How the heck do you do it! Need to take an old one apart so I can pinch the springs for a boot look I'm sorting out as they are knackered. Sort that out and I'll have one key for all locks. Ta
  29. H-400

    New swan neck

    Thank you all, will tell the Missus. She went shopping with our doughter so I installed the L & R top wishbones on the frontaxle with the new goodies from Thomas (Edelschmiede). We are having an apéritif at this moment and ready to go to that table!
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