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    Today I got on with the roof repair, and managed to remove the skin from the car, using my brothers techniques as seen on hes cossie build. Tomorrow should see the replacement skin unpicked from the replacement roof and get it all prepped and ready to fit the replacment to the car. 🙂
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    I’m out in the Manta every opportunity I can get, have any of you guys noticed that the nights are getting shorter, by 8.30pm it’s getting quite dark, took these photos just before I parked her up for the night, For a 35 year old Manta the lights are pretty decent, but the dash binnacle lights are pretty poor, but I can put up with that, the rear number plate light is the original bulb that came with the Manta, it really lights up the rear and the lip spoiler,
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    Just popping in to say hello. My name is Stu and I live in Central Scotland 👋. In my early working life I was a time served mechanic so have always enjoyed working on my cars. I recently bought a car from a member....thanks Big Stu.... and rejoined the world of Manta ownership. Probably like a few of the people on here I had one in my youth and loved it. A W plate 2.0 SR Berlinetta that I had for about 5 years before letting her go. I had just completed a build for my partner.... a Suzuki Cappuccino of all things and really enjoyed the experience of that so set about looking for a car to restore for myself. In the past I've owned a few older cars, most notably a very early P6 Rover so had an idea of what i was letting myself in for. I had seen quite a few other cars in various stages of decomposition. Mantas were up at the top of my wish list because of my old one and I wanted a good starter car.....but after seeing her in a few photos kept I coming back to 'Molly' as she is known. Thanks to Big Stu for allowing me to continue the story with her. Hopefully you will all be gentle with me asking dumb questions till I find my feet! All the best for now! Stu
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    So just acquired this D reg irmscher built dolphin grey exclusive coupe. Some of you may have seen it in another section. I'm hoping I can save this one but it's in a bit of a bad way after having a little glance over it . Although door gaps are good, roof is not buckled and C posts are un damaged so theres hope yet. Can it be saved? Well let's find out and give it a go. 🙂 Quick pull with stacker has pulled it a lot. However there wasnt much to pull on as the rear panel and lower rear quarters are detached from the car. Hopefully it will be on the jig in the next few days to see what we can do with it
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    The club can offer advice on values based on previously achieved prices when sold, this is easy when the car sells on ebay or at an auction house as this info is in the public domain. I keep a keen eye on what various Manta models are being advertised for but cannot always say what they finally achieved as some members are very coy about revealing what their car sold for. What is in no doubt is that Manta values have risen on average around 20% each year. Some models are rising faster than others for example Manta GTE Exclusive coupes in very good show condition are the most sought after, i believe Chris Burt's recently sold Exclusive Coupe rose around 50% in value in the two years he owned it. Manta GTE coupes in very good condition are also sought after. Lets look at Manta A values as they are generally not as sought after as Manta GTE coupes but due to their rarity in very good condition are commanding high prices. Using my cars as examples lets look at what i paid for them & what i believe they could sell for now I bought my Manta A SR from the late Ron Daymond in September 2016 this was after Ron had advertised it on the forum for offers around £7000 the car had 1 month left on the MOT & it needed welding to one jacking point & welding to one Swan neck. I offered Ron £5800 which was accepted as Ron wanted the car to go to a club member who would keep it original. What would it sell for now four years after i bought it ? I believe £12000 - £14000 is possible. I bought my Manta B SR Berlinetta in August 2013 & paid £4500 for it which was a lot of money but i wanted it because it only had 39000 miles & was un-restored & original. What would it sell for now seven years after i bought it ? I believe £10000 + is possible I bought my Ascona B in May 2013 & paid £3800 for it. It was an immaculate time warp car then & its in largely the same condition now. What would it sell for now seven years after i bought it ? I believe £7000 + is possible. In conclusion if someone says "whats my Manta worth" well its worth what someone is willing to pay. Its value for insurance purposes is what it would cost to buy a similar condition replacement.
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    Thanks all. Will get it on jig and go from there. I have 2x rear half of mantas here for cuts inner arch etc... also have managed to source a passenger rear quarter and a rear panel. I must also admit I jumped the gun a little and have purchased another shell as a worst case scenario. Although I'm confident now that this can be saved.
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    I'm selling the car to someone who can repair and properly restore it. It appears mechanically undamaged.
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    Here we go again manta no.3 still not seen one through yet. This is the one this time. I've gathered all the parts I need to build the car I want. XE powered manta coupe with full 400 kit. Got this shell through Andy when I sold him the Saab Turbo manta. So thanks again for that. I kept all my bits from my hatch I had. XE bike carbs nodiz polybushed front and rear axles prop gearbox the lot even down to the seatbelts there was nothing left of the shell and I scrapped it. It wasnt worth saving. Anyway here we go with the new one. Trying to learn to weld as I go but think I'm getting the hang of it now. Started with a few small patches to get me going. Got loads to do but start small and work my way up. Also prepped and painted the front sub frame so can assemble it all back together.
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    Hi Everyone my name is Leon I am 10 years old and I have just purchased my first project car (it was going to be used as a doner car for my brothers) The car is a 1980 cav hatch minus engine and gearbox. (Harold) had been sitting for about 5 years in a wooded area. I got him home on Monday and yesterday I gave him a wash off to get rid of the accumulated tree leaves. Today I have started to strip him down I will post pictures of the rust when I can. I know I will certainly need at hatch boot so if anyone has one they would like to sell please let me know the closer to me the better if possible. Thanks.
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    The "400" had some things to do after months of staying in the oldtimer storage. Looked as the AFM had some problems but before solving that problem I wanted to be sure the electronical ignition is ok. This ignition was used in the early eighties but I always thought there was a problem with the distributor. The idle was not stabil so I opened the dizzy: The original distributor of a "400" has got two vacuum conections, so hard to find... I wanted to use an original eighties electronical dizzy with that electronical box but it is hard to find. So after years I found one of a kadett ralley and looked ok. Wanted my car stayed original eighties parts but I noticed the idle was not stabil. Opened the dizzy and saw the springs of the timing were worn; so I used the the original "400" dizzy to rebuild it to electronical: As you can see the pressure-box has got two connections. Cause of the high compression engine the second connection pulls the ignition later so the engine starts easier, look also at the rotor of the ignition that is difficult to find. So I rebuilded the original "400" dizzy from contact points to electronical and today the engine did his succesfull test: If someone needs the wiring diagram: Start-up of the engine but it needs some checking timing, those engines needs to set on higher rounds to be sure the ignition doesn't hurt the engine: Next thing to do is checking the AFM, after a testdrive...
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    Well there has been some very good progress maybe a bit of frustration but left it in fifth at just under 70mph and floored it and held the throttle down a couple of times up to 70....ish I could feel it surging and dropping off but it got better every time I did it and now I have my open road performance back I guess the injectors were a bit gummed up either that or the exhaust was restricted and blew it out now it goes like a manta. Hopefully that's it and I thank everyone who has helped me with this problem if anything it's had a thorough check over and tune up.
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    Hi all, Sorry I have not been around much lately, I've been busy pottering around with other things... In truth, I have also fallen out of love with the car a little bit. That's probably as things have been so busy on it for so long, I probably should have taken more mini breaks between stages, but hindsight is a wonderful thing. I think a little break from working on it will probably help my enthusiasm and love to return - time will tell I guess. With that in mind, I decided to drive it over for one of the last outdoor Archery sessions of the year. He is the old girl when I got back, as the light was fading: Take care everyone - say safe, stay well x
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    Thanks jess, I was beginning to think everyone had left lol. These projects threads are dead at the min, seems everyone's lost interest. Another day on E45 SFK roof repairs. Replacment skin removed from old frame, frame on the car cleaned, treated and painted before the roof goes on. A&C Posts trimmed back to reveal the joggled edge for the replacement skin to sit flush onto. Sunroof tray pulled back and all foam crap removed to prevent future moisture trap. Skin placed on car and ready for welding up tomorrow. 🙂
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    I’m currently working on a 16v CIH engine, and have the refurbished head in the workshop. I’m now looking at getting the 2.4 bottom end sorted out and have a brilliant local machine shop that are helping me with the build. I’m happy to share photos, tips, knowledge etc as there are plenty of pitfalls in doing this conversion. Total cost can run into many thousands though, as the cams alone aren’t cheap. photoS for inspiration!
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    Front valance welded in and radiator intake panel.
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    Hi all, the trip with the both Manta's was not a succes. I drove first with the "400" and my son next with the GSI. After 20 km's he flashed his high beams and we both stopped. He heard a metal knocking sound on the front-right side of the car. Checked the wheelhubs/bearings, steering arms etc. but it looked OK. We changed cars and drove back home so I could hear that sound. Noticed before the two Manta's drive totally different. The GSI is a lot more civilized, the clutch is a lot softer and the gearbox shifts easier. The torque is also higher on low revs. The rear axle likes to lift the car when accelerating. Drove carefully back home and nothing heared... Think it is the left engine mount is worn, when I rev the engine you can see tumble it to the right so gonna check that with a jack under the pulley. So my son took his Nissan Sunny coupé out and we left again for another drive on those small country lanes. After some time it was the "400" that began to run bad. Was like the ignition felt out on low revs, just for a short moment. Accelerating to the high rounds no problem... Think a tipical AFM problem. Driving the "400" is more working. The clutch feels like a truck and the Getrag 262 needs a firm hand. The engine explodes above 4000 rpm, than the fun begins. Some pics, you all love them. The high tec catch tank: Some pics of the GSI: I will keep you all posted, grts Herman
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    Been a while, the GSI has done 350km's without problems... Went to the oldtimer-storage to get my other one. The GSI is watching his big brother cause he needs attention😦: Again the same rubber feul line began to leak. This will be the 3th time I fit a new one... The exhaust is nearby so it is dangerous. As you can see I allready wrapped the (original) exhaust but it is still too hot. New (ethanol proof) feul lines in: (The next move is a heat shield) I used double clamps on the pressure line, want to be sure... The next thing to do is the starter engine. Sometimes it is as the engine has got too much compression. Feels like the battery is tired. Checked all the electrical connections and stays the same. So starterengine out and open, was fighting with the oilseparator and the wrench: Opened the starter engine but everything looked ok. Cleaned the surface of that copper thing we call the collector with fine sandpaper. The brushes are still in good condition: Had a lot of attention to be sure all the contact surfaces were clean, the mass cable in the solenoid and even the surface to the engine block. Fitted the starter engine back on the motor and looks like the problem is solved. Tomorrow we are ggoing to take both Manta's out so I can test it with a hot engine. Cleaned also the oil catch tank, the sharp eye recognizes the windscreen water bottle of a Manta-A: Think we are not going to BBQ today! Have a nice weekend all.
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    Rear windows, black trim, skirts, front lights and bumper on in last few evenings, been fun..... you spend weeks sorting arches etc and can’t really tell were you’ve been yet a couple of evenings putting trim on and it looks like you’ve rebuilt the car.... 😂
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    Yes bought some via the club shop but was a bad batch and was no good, just waiting for the replacements being sent by paul b. They are having issues with the cutting machine. Mot passed
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    Its about time I did an update. I've been on and off this project for a while now. Crazy hot summers (100f) out here keep me out of the garage, but covid has helped me crack on with it In order to fit the huge intercooler I had to remove the original spoiler and a large section of the front panel. I came up with this spoiler to try and regain some of the original design. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1asKWZy9z7hamV3YkjLEcAAde6uy2qhbC/view?usp=sharing Then I spent months wiring all of the new Haltech electronics to the engine (ECU, 2 x Ignition controllers, Wide Band Controller). https://drive.google.com/file/d/129Lec_MqZSvHvb2FgYhTWYaHwP3hydLx/view?usp=sharing Also had to order some custom oil cooler line fittings etc etc. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1biU5Ufd6DYGtqa_1rHhxw_ew3eWtVa6M/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/14DJNSaam7QIUnvGjvMadYWDE1KaQ6Th3/view?usp=sharing Finally today I was able to start it up for the first time https://youtu.be/Mp08nHv_CvA The engine was running pretty rich. Since this video I've adjusted the injector sizing and its a lot better. Next job is to order a transmission controller and wire that in. Once that's done it can all go back in the car.
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    Is it pictures of this car you have ? It are you referring to a 400 ? Cheers Bit done today. Got a bit of a frame made up to support it when on the spit but I've a bit more to add on to this test. I managed to remove the old rear panel, fit the replacement one and started on some boot floor repairs. I've sourced a full manta floor pan thanks to dan and carl, so I can remove the sections I need for this one. It's always good to use one car to save another.
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    It did actually sell the day after I spoke with the owner. He got £18k for it, obviously in Ireland as cars in general are much more expensive and this is amplified with classics. He still has the original steering wheel, as I used to drive it with a protector when I took it on maintenance runs and it's basically brand new condition. The wheels have gone, although I fitted some different refurbished Ronals when I had it as the originals had gone porous. I also think provenance and paperwork has gone now as he asked me to confirm the mileage. I ahem.. "sold" it (to KGF) with every tax disk, MOT and service history—yes, the little footwell book thing—and even the original window sticker and bill of sale that showed £5000 + a trade in for a 78 Cavalier for it brand new, delivered on the 1st August 1984. A shame to "retro mod" an original. I dressed the engine bay with Clive Armstrong's custom chrome/stainless stuff, an Opel GT rocker cover and silicone hoses, etc, but still kept the original parts. Getting my pants pulled down.. er, I mean selling this car was the BIGGEST MISTAKE I ever made, and I've been married twice!
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    Now at home and ready to be fully stripped to go on the spit. But first I'll have to weld in some braces as it's seriously in a bad way. Can it even be done ? I've got to admit, this one scares me but I do like a challenge and give me that extra motivation to make it happen.
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    That's the one! To think he struggled to sell it for £6500 before reducing the price further. Still looks to be sitting a bit high at the rear too!
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    Been and viewed this car lastnight and purchased it to make a good one from my 2 ., it's far from completely rotten and is in much better shape than the white one I bought last month. It does need a lot of work but only in the usual places. Swan necks, chassis rails, jacking points, inner wings, scuttle panel, lower rear quarters, floors above jacking points, A posts, front panel. Nothing out of the ordinary imo. The white one I have needs 5x the amount of work so this may be the one I end up restoring out of the 2
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    500 miles later and still no leaks looks like this works.
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    Well I finally had time to take the "400" for a testdrive. The electronical ignition works fine, but I noticed the engine doesn't start as easy and when I provoke "pinging" it does... So I set the ignition some degrees later and it doesn't "ping" anymore😊. And I got to get used with the noise the engine makes. Was half a year ago I gave full throttle with that car and above 5000rpm's they don't make a civilised noise. The valve tappets are mecanical and the exhaust bigger, an idle of 1300rpm's so even on the stoplight I felt guilty. The Insignia sounds like a butterfly if you compare. When I start the engine short after killing it starts easy, but when I pump the underpressure away of the brakebooster it starts difficult, so that's a sign the second underpressure connection on the original dizzy is important. When the engine is cold I'm gonna have a look at the static point of the ignition, my GSI with 2.4 engine has got a standard GSI ignition and runs fine but that engine has got a lower compression. Took some pics today of both Manta's together: If you don't look at the rims the GSI has got more "400" looks as the original "400"😁: Grts, Herman
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    End cap welded in and sill panel tacked in place.
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    Thanks for the kind words. We couldn't of wished for the car to go to anyone else 👍. We hope you enjoy the car as much as we did. Always here if you need any help or support with anything. Keep in touch. 🤞😁
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    Still plenty of us here Andy (nearly 4000 views so far) The project threads are a great read and a great inspiration to many of us to keep going. Keep up the great work looks like another amazing build and another manta saved. 👍
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    Thanks for letting me have her Stu, been a pleasure meeting you and Jack in the process as well getting the car!
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    Had a contact asking if I was still aweroond yup still here Julian re if am right Jessopia 74 WHO,S BERT???????
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    Ignition module replaced and it has made a difference acceleration now constant,smooth and quicker still seems flat if dropped into 4th at 60 and floored it gets there but can get the same effect just squeezing the throttle on (or am I expecting too much) it's just I remember doing this with my 20s 4 speed (4th to 3rd) and it was a lot lot quicker. will check plugs when I get up and check for leaks as the car hasn't been put through its paces for about 14 years I must admit tho I did really enjoy myself tonight The getrag 240's fifth gear is it like overdrive as it's totally hopeless for acceleration.
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    Right. I am proud of myself. 1st time ever that I have taken glass out of anything. Once it stops popping back out. 25mins. Whoop whoop!
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    Sorry but the fog light in the bumper is horrendous 💩
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    Been looking around, see post above. The prices are realy very expensive: https://shop.tw-oldtimerteile.de/Opel-Typen/Manta-Ascona-B/Blech/Frontblech-unten-Ascona-B.html And that's only the bottom part of the nose... Will keep my eyes open! @Andy: Visit http://gfkteile.de/asconabgfk.html You are going the "400" way so...
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    Yes it's a hard one to let go for sure. Its increased in value over the 2 n half years we been building it aswell so safe investment for the buyer lol It really is a nice car jess. Lots of nos and original parts used. You could eat your dinner off the under side too. We went into great detail with this. Mike is getting one of the best exclusive coupes in the country I'd say.
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    I never really got the weird Cav vs SRB thing but hey ho. Had to smile recently when reading a translated Opel forum & somebody posted a MK1 Cavvy saloon, the response was something like “hey, that’s cool, a Manta Sedan” I haven’t seen this Sportshatch on FB but it could be. There was a nice fairly original blue one near Gloucester that sold a couple of weeks ago. There’s a white one in Kent that’s still up for sale would make a decent car too. Within the last month the 88 Black Manta GT hatch that was rebuilt as a GTE in Bridlington & is still on Car & Classics sold. Oh no, I’m becoming an anorak 😱
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    This is also a cut-off 24V head, in the Kadett400 replica. I know the builder of this car, he gave the engine some nice "400" details (look at the fake covers of the cams and the nice alu rocker cover) to look as the real car:
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    I’m a bit of a dreamer so I will probably end up with the1.9 that’s in it with a k&n filter on it 😜 I’ve done a lot of research into what’s needed and have access to machinery so hopefully it will be ok 😬 . I’m going to need to find a good engine machine shop for bottom end rebore and I’d would like to get the head done at the same time
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    Picked this engine up today. Managed to get it off eBay. Six hour round trip but at £150 its a steal. I’ve assured my wife that this is the last engine I will buy for the car ( now have 4 😱).
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