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    Made some good progress today. We got fuel and brake lines ran. Bias valve and bracket installed, Heater box in, mesh in scuttle panel 're painted and fitted, more routing of wires, zink plated pedal box fitted, swapped out front cross member bolts for the ones I had zink plated, fuel pump and filter fitted to zink plated brackets and wired in, and new rubber fuel hose fitted.new rubber bobbin was also used on fuel pump bracket, fuel tank flushed, dried and painted, door new door switches fitted in A posts for interior light, bonett stay and rubbers fitted, floor gromits all fitted. There's so many small little parts to hunt out, clean, replace it's takes up so much time. You forget how many little bits there are till you start putting them back together. 😂
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    A busy Friday on the Manta, Brian the local sign writer fitted the Manta GT/E decals and engine bay sticker, A bit of detail for the engine bay, Manta ready to come home, bodyshop has completed all the work required to bring her up to spec, making her like new again, That’s me on the right picking up my Manta from Gray and Adams bodyshop in Fraserburgh this afternoon, Darren the bodyshop manager and Ross. The team have went above and beyond, their attention to detail has been brilliant, 475 hours labour has went into this part of the bodywork alone, panel prep, alignment, guide coat, sanding and spraying, to be honest the finished job has way exceeded my expectations, absolutely delighted with the results, back home in my garage now, I’m keen to start finishing off the small jobs still to do, the decals really finished Off the exterior, I’m going to enjoy the rest of the build, probably towards the end of the year I envisage for completion,
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    More progress made this week, Front cross member, engine and box installed, started to run the wiring back in after 're taping parts and a good clean up. Painted rear axle installed, painted and installed front and rear anti roll bars, steering column fitted, I sent a load of stuff off to be sink plated, that's now back so I can begin to fit more stuff a all the bits and bolts I needed was in the zink pile 😀 Photo dump 😀 👇
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    Out and about in Dorset and 900 miles covered, nearly as good as I wanted it. Rear spoiler will need repainting as corners cracking. Rear suspension looks to be about 2" too high, stereo not operational and oil pressure gauge not working. Otherwise, it starts, drives, sounds and looks very, very good. It only took 5 years and £15.000!
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    Went in past the bodyshop today to have a look at the black detail that was applied this week along with all the panels fitted, Under the bonnet all painted but the box section cavity’s will be treated to some wax oil, she is now sitting better in height at the back but I still have petrol tank, glass and interior trim so she will still have to settle a little more yet, matt blank masking detail on B pillars, coupe louvres still to go on, Matt black masking detail on A pillars, front quad light and under bumper trim detail, lights to fit yet and adjust beam for MOT, Original small black rubber bump stop fitted inside petrol flap to keep fuel cap flush with rear quarter, I’m absolutely delighted with the paint finish and panel gaps, Manta GT/E decals being fitted next week, along with laser wheel alignment, wax oil all cavities, chassis rails, Sean necks, inner wings, sills etc Im getting her home next Friday/Saturday weather dependant, got to get her home dry. Boot lip spoiler has turned out really well, fits perfectly, bolt holes treated with wax oil before being fitted, again box sections inside boot lid going to be wax oiled, new rubber boot seal fitted, Side skirts and rear arches all fitted, retaining original joints between straight sections and arches,
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    As always we had our Spring meeting, this time in Holland. Sorry that all pics look the same there they are all taken while the cars are parked. Usually I take some pics of cars and engines, but this time my spine wanted some peace after driving a "400"...So my wife took the pics, enjoy them: We had a great time, some more pics: Grts, Herman
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    Dash and wiring looms now being installed today, Rear fog light fitted, just a small detail but adds to the character of the back of the Manta, Wax oil is going to be applied today, wheels will be put back on and raised on a four poster ramp for this job, Front number plate fitted, rear number plate fitted, she’s starting to come together nicely now, it’s all the small jobs that seem to make a difference, Friday is the target finish date with the bodyshop, I’m all organised for collection on Friday with a trailer, I’m hoping the weather is favourable.
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    The rear axle; I have those spring seats to cover the old ones but I noticed they are as thick as the original ones. Thought if I cover the original spring seats water and debris will stay in the space between them and rust gets a free game. So I did this: Grinded the rotten metal away and fixed the new one as a template: Cutted with the grinder the new one a lot larger so it just fitted into the original one and gave it some spot wells: After that I welded the other side, not gonna win a price for beatifull welding but it is good for more years: Need to drill the water outlet hole and some fresh paint...
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    Not easy on your own, but almost got the engine back in the A series 🙂 Light at the end of the tunnel now!!
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    Cleaned up the bottom dash in the bath-tub, the missus is used of those situations. Sometimes I put something in the oven to heat up or she finds an axle shaft in the freezer. First I removed the sigarette lighter ofcourse: Noticed there was a plastic pin broken behind the glove-compartment, it fits in a bracket with a rubber on the bulkhead. Did some drilling and putted a screw in the rubber of the bracket: So the missus can load the glove-compartment with heavy stuff to stay beautiful 😁. In the afternoon I went to the bodyshop to get the last piece: The front bumper: The steering rack on it's place: Cleaned up the gearbox and sprayed it with metal varnish: Some more pieces cleaned up: Cleaned up the heater box and began with some brake parts. I am wondering how to make that insulation stuff back beautiful black again. Shoe polish? Or that liquid to make tyres black again?: And the heater box back in the car: Grts, Herman
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    Heater box inside engine bay fitted in evenings this week, along with some radiator hoses, I have had the heater running on the bench and have confirmed it works well both in high and low settings, I ran in the window washer jet hoses and the under bonnet light, is there a mercury filled glass bulb on this one, just beside the spade connectors, how does this work? The bulb that is in has blown so I will get a replacement soon, heater pipes also fitted into and under dashboard, still some cabling to run in so lower dash and glovebox will be fitted at a later point. The wiring looms in the engine bay is another area I will need to spend some time on, tidying it up, hopefully this coming weekend.
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    Been a while since I posted on this thread so thought I'd update it. After completing the mancona build I managed to get a good few weeks useage out of it. However I just couldn't get it to run correctly on its injection system. So that was pulled off and with the help of the legend Mr rutter a pair of webbers and H&H ignition was added. We managed to get another few weeks out of it before the weather cought up with us. So it was parked in the garage 18 months ago and has not turned a wheel since then. I've got some plans for it this coming summer I want to pull the engine, remove cross member and rear axle for painting as they never was done. While the engine is out I'll strip it and do a full rebuild on it and also paint the whole under side too. Then I want to get it to a rolling road and get it properly set up. Watch this space 😎
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    A little progress made over the last couple of days, but not much due to being busy at work. Managed to get bonett release cable and catch fitted, air box rubber mounts replaced, wiring loom routed correctly and re wrapped, swapped out the tempory bolts in rear axle with the zink plated ones i had done. Zink plated front anti roll bar brackets fitted, new drop links fitted dug out the heater box and a few other parts ready for tomorrow. Hoping to get a full day in tomorrow. 😊
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    So Neil is cracking on with the legs and doing a thorough job making It all good. I am currently on running gear duties etc so it’s all good and ready to put back on. I have a powder coating and zinc plating pile which is going next week. Biggest pain is the fact a B series I am restoring is ready for collection from the paint shop - totally F*****D me up now time wise. 🤬
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    So quick update, the car is finally back from the paint shop. Now the big rebuild can begin. I'll dump some pictures below.
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    I'm surprised she hasn't already given the amount of time you spend in that garage!
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    This weekend I ran in the wiring loom to the back lights, number plate and the wire to the fuel sender. I then renewed both braided fuel pipes exiting the bottom of the fuel tank and fitted it in the boot, along with the rubber grommet on the filler neck. I also fitted a new fuel pump underneath the rear of the Manta. I bought a car cover last year and I’ve always been keen to get it fitted as they made it especially for the Manta GT/E coupe from a temple they have, trust us it will fit exactly they said, true enough it certainly hugs all the curves. Its softshell material on top with microfibre inside, Opel blitz embroidered on the bonnet, machine washable, there is pockets for the door mirrors but I will be a while yet before I get round to fitting these, I have just tucked these in for now,
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    The clock was not sent I just put it there for safe keeping. I've sent the uj just as a sample to see how it came out, along with damper, pressure regulator and a few other bits that I have multiple spares of. I'm going to swap out the bearings in the uj to be safe, and the other bits I'll run a trial on at a later date. He said it should not affect plastic or rubber, but it will strip all the grease from bearings. A friend owns the place i used he does not post items but if anyone wants stuff doing I'm happy to help in the way of receiving and posting back the stuff, he's only down the road from me and he's not to expensive either.
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    Hoping to have it done by Christmas depending on a few things. Even it it’s next spring I am not too fussed. huge thanks to Neil & Carl tonight.
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    Danny you would have always regretted doing that, im in the same boat, first car i built was 15yrs ago, on the road, zero mot failure, would i sell it, i would in my f........ Even if it takes you another 15yrs to complete, dont sell it, you will spend 15yrs kicking yourself, looking for a replacement which just wont ever be the same.
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    Well it’s sat doing nothing since the last time I posted. I thought long and hard and came close to selling it but help and motivation from best friends has kinda talked me out of it (for now 😉) So its off to Neil’s tomorrow so he can show it some love and get it back on the road, he is helping me out massively and I cannot thank him enough. New legs etc going on and the back panel is just in case as it’s rotten where the boot floor and panel meet.
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    Car coming together now.
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    Back on the ground 🙂 Now i have some work to do getting it all connected back up again!!
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    After taking last night off (as it was my Son's Birthday), tonight I applied the fourth coat of White primer. So far, so good
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    This evenings entertainment was wet sanding the whole car with 400 grit wet and dry paper. The idea was of course to flat off the first two coats of White primer. The results seem pretty good, so tomorrow I will go over the whole thing to clean away any residue that my wash didn't remove and then look to mask it back up again for primer coats three and four. I love the last photo, its given me the motivation to try to keep 'doing it properly'. Have a nice evening everyone.
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    Sprayed the whole chassis with stone-chip protection, makes the car look as new 😊: Cleaned the springs, roll bar and also the steering rack. New rubbers and grease, a bit paint and looks factory fresh:
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    Can't believe i haven't updated my thread since April, where does the time go! Next job now that the shell is rust free and solid was to fit the Volvo 240 rear axle, this is how it was And after i had removed the bits i didn't need for fitting So first i offered it up to the car to see how far away the mounting points were compared to the original manta, yep no where near and nothing i could use apart from the body mount for the panard rod. Once the axle was cental between the arches i then took loads of measurements to ensure the axle was square and in the correct position, once happy with that i then went about making up new mounting sections The nut will recess into the chassis leg as i want the bracket to fit flush for maximum welding I tacked them in place first then refitted the axle to make sure all measurements were ok, all good so welded them in, also added a strengthing plate between the 2. For ease i removed the panard rod mount from the manta axle and fitted to the Volvo axle, this way i can just use manta bushes on both ends. As the mount on the Volvo axle is closer to the centre than the manta one i made up an adjustable panard, this will also help to get the axle set up later on. (i forgot to take any pic's of this but will once back from the power coaters!). As i want to fit rear seat to the manta i didn't want box sections inside so for the upper arms, after lots of thought alignment i managed to position the mounting points so i only had to make very shallow covering sections. Final fitment of the axle to make sure all clears and sits where it should. I couldn't get the spring and shock to work as they are located the other way around to the manta and the chassis was just in the way so i've had coilovers made, they will mount in the original shock inner arch mount position, i seamed welded this for extra strength so should be ok as my track manta is set up the same (although does have a cage) never had an issue there. The rear and front axles have been completely stripped, all bushes removed ready for superpro bushes after its all been powder coated, just to mention the rear anti roll bar goes around the rear of the axle and attaches to both lower arms and not the body. Once all happy i then finished prepping the underbody, checking all seems with sealer before masking up and spraying in Upol Raptor. Just got the newly dipped and treated bolts etc back today, so just waiting on the suspension parts back from the powder coaters then i can fit them both suspensions up and get them back on the car. Next stage after that will be to drop the car onto stands and start to fit the kit!! Hope your still awake after reading all this 🤞.
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    Today spent all dat doing the roof ,front panel,wiper panel and the bonnet A lot of sanding done,The panels are in good condition so far Back to doing the n/s front inner wing ,clean and paint the suspension
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    I will try to come and say hello as Im just down the road Grantham👍
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    I will try and get there then, seems to be running ok now but I've said that before
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    Yeah, the budget. Had a visit today while I was working on the Manta. He said it is nice you can do all this yourself, looking at the engine that was hanging in the stand. Bore and hone the engine, surfacing the deck 300€, new pistons with rings and pins 500€ and a new gasket set 100€?? Only the engine... The Missus let me do what needs to be done, take some cars in and out so money comes back in and our own cars are also done by me. And she loves spending time with the other girls/wives of the petrol-heads we are.
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    Hi Andy, maybe I got to keep it this way untill the first meet, always people curious with questions 😉. Meanwhile: We had a great weekend in the "Ardennes", had a lot of fun and had some beers (burps) so I was sure I had a good sleep... The Manta: The rear axle is done, ready to build in. Did a lot of work on the chassis, 10 years ago also but it looks as time was nice to my car. Some surface rust above the silencers of the exhaust, as also above the crossbeam where the drive shaft fits. And above the feul pump. The bummer: I checked also the spare wheel well, and found also some rust and treated it. Noticed there was more than expected because 10 years ago I delivered a new well. The reason was clear: There was no primer used and saw that someone even took no time to clean the burned paint on the tow-bracket after welding: After welding I grind the seam, use rustconvertor and special anti-rust metal paint primer... Maybe I am too punctual. Grts, Herman.
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    So Neil & I are both making a start, Neil is doing a full hunt underneath to make good any imperfections. I am on with stripping the running gear, axle is nearly stripped and going to be painted this week. And the front subframe and a bundle of other bits is going for zinc and powder-coating next week. I also need a bush for my front Bilstein shocker - answers on a postcard please as struggling to find anywhere - going to phone Bilstein UK today.
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    I am trying to restore as much of the original details as possible, some missing parts have been difficult to find but perseverance always pays off, what I won’t miss when she is complete is the hours lost searching on line, e bay etc trying to find or source parts. I’m hoping to be able to put the mobile away or off every evening and weekend and free up my time to drive her. i have kept a build portfolio of all receipts, records and paperwork associated with purchasing parts, professional labour, materials etc. I haven’t been brave enough yet to tally these up, but I have tried to keep a lid on expenses by doing as much as possible myself then I don’t feel too bad about getting experts on the job for the skills I don’t have. its nice to keep a record, all filed in date order, from the receipt of sale up to present, hopefully not a lot more to go in! I have also amassed approx 1500 progress photos again taken from delivery up to present, at every part of the build. Manta GT/E decals looked out for application next week, I think these add a nice contrast to the polar white paint, looking forward to seeing them on, engine bay sticker will be added at the same time.
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    LOL its the holy grail that's what it is,...not bothered about the BHP,the genuine article the end.🤩
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    Have removed al the sticky form the bonnet,When the sticky not to old quite easily to remove Going to have a go a removing the side ones when the rain stops Have put a splash of cheep white paint on to stop it rusting Opel blitz has now been removed
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    So pick this up day (300 miles round trip) Its the Manta with all the sticks, was going keep as was When to get petrol the cashier says it that the one with all the sticky all over it They have to go ,the first photo is when it arrived home, the last photo is with some removed Paint damage on 2 areas so far Dos the Opel thing stay or go
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    The headliner was a bit of a nightmare to fit if I’m honest, I took four nights to fit, slow going, just to make sure all creases were out and it wasn’t stretched too much, perseverance got me through in the end. The door catch assembly’s took forever to fit as well, I started on the drivers door but couldn’t get the lock to work, I moved on to the passenger side to see how it fitted and it worked first time, but I noticed one rod was in a different location, I removed a rod from the driver side and adjusted it so it was the same set up as the passenger side and it worked spot on. The rod must have been put in the wrong place after it was removed for storage. It’s always a bonus to have another side for comparison. I would agree a bit of nerves when trying to close the doors for the first time. Just double checking everything before I moved on to the next stage. Petrol tank concealing card, boot liner, spare wheel and jack set fitted tonight,
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    Ian, Fair play, your effort in this is second to none, determination is fanominal. Best of luck with final coat
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    A small update this evening. 1) Sanded the OSF wing in preparation for priming. 2) Final sanded a couple of small areas on the NSF wing that applied stopper filler to yesterday. My aim for the weekday evenings is to sand the OS and the roof in preparation for application of the primer next weekend - fingers crossed.
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    Thanks for that. We do try our best this will most likely be our best build to date. Only down side is I think the budget is going out the window 😂
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    I got some repaint preparation work done this evening: 1) Removed front and rear bumpers. 2) Removed front indicator lenses. 3) Removed front number plate and mounting bracket. 4) Removed rear lights. 5) Sanded the rest of the roof. 6) Brushed off a load of sanding dust from the car. Have a nice evening everyone
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    The company who done this for me are a 100yrd from my unit so no brainer. All these parts had to stripped of the old CAD plate first which i done with acid ann then they were blasted. They got this done in a day because it was so clean Each part had a photo taken before it went off. Each part also had its part number number listed on a spread sheet and then hyperlink to each picture
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    Thanks Herman This time im going to check that the oil flows fully around the engine before it goes back into the car and then when its in the car and then before i start it for the first time 🙂 Going to be extra careful this time! Im almost ready Herman! Just waiting for some new bolts to arrive to attached the box to the engine and then its back in the car!
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