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    Nevertheless my spine is very bad I went to the meeting with my "400", I promised the organiser of the event I would go. Ofcourse there was some minor work on the car. When I drove the car out his garage I noticed a trail of feul. The feul line on the filter leaked but after tighting the hoseclamps (all could have some) the problem was solved. I remember those feul-lines are rather new so would it be cause of the ethanol?? Some pics of the event: If you a need 5-bolt rebuild set, brake conversion or overhaul a rear axle, the place to be: The whole day all the cars were valuated by a jury, and I was happy to get the third price. The second was the great looking silver Manta, the owner showed me the pics of the restoration of the car and he earned that price. The first was the Ascona 400R that came just back from the body-shop, the owner uses that car for rally so we hope next time it will look as nice as last weekend: Grts, Herman
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    Managed to squeeze in a couple of hours tonight. Got floor cut out above drivers side jacking point. Cleaned out inside of jacking point, treated with built hamber hydrate 80, painted with zink rich primer and got a plate welded back over it and up into inner sill. Just put some zink rich primer over it tempory to prevent flash rust for now. Once I've got all the welding out the way I'll then go on a flatting session with the grinder and retreat and paint.
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    Picture showing it# new ride height on the 17” rims. currently 205’ but I will be changing the rears to 215 and also considering ordering a LSD for it.
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    Unrestored (we think), Original, Low Mileage & a Coupe = Desirable & hopefully a high price achieved. I think we will all be watching this one with interest.
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    It’s a manta so is normal
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    If I am honest, it’s got to make 10k+. However, I do think it is the wrong time If year to be selling a classic, but I am a novice at such things 🤔
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    Hi and welcome What makes you think that it is beyond you if you have a look at lans project the car was beyond saving,and now looking 100% You will get a lot of information, and someone is near you they will come along and help you I have sold my Manta because l may be losing my garage Have a good think before you let it go
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    Been reading though the last post , One more tip for anyone starting a make over on a manta is clean out your work space Once the manta was gone l clean up the garage Found sanding discs (which whoud have been a big help) a worm ( a old speedo cable, used for putting wiring though body) , wiring loom and more For anyone who this is the first one give yourself a lot of time to carry out the work and most of all enjoy the experience if it gets to much SELL IT TO ME
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    Woohoo, log book came today , 9 previous owners , last taxed in 1991. So I have done my duty and sorn the car and they tell me I cannot re apply for tax within the next five days 😂 Rapidly trying to clear the other projects so that I can get on to it . Going to fabricate a rollover jig / spit at work as I know that most of the floor and rails are rotten. Having access to a plasma profiler and brake press is going to be invaluable I think. I've been trawling through lots of posts regarding bodywork which are going to be invaluable too.
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    Nice to see an early B being saved - and kept original! I’ve a 1978 1.9SR Berlinetta coupe.
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    Looking like this will be the last post on sticky Seating in garage waiting for the new owner Have got a deposit and the new owner will pick up within the week Sad day but going to a good home
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    Hi folks. I have a C20XE engine in my Manta B. I normally buy my petrol from Shell. I've been told rubber components used back in the day aren't designed for todays fuel and the additives used now. I had a few fuel leeks from my fuel pipes where the rubber seems to have melted? On grabbing the first screw driver I found from my tool box to loosen the jubilee clips which had a rubbery type handle, that melted too. After taking out the tank, getting it flushed. Changing all rubbers, fuel pump, regulator I struggled to get two tiny seal which fits onto the FPR. After finally finding a supplier I thought I would share to help others.
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    That's exactly right. Once you remove it, it will need to be rivited back on. If you have a look here: Door cards, It will show you how I done mine.
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    It will not go for £100 if it does happy day Don’t know what l am going to do with it (if by some fate l get it) fingers doing stuff without the brains working
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    Bids are at £7700 at the moment, this would have probably been the price when new back in 1985, just goes to show mantas don’t depreciate in value 😜
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    Just watch your panels, is it worth trying a scrap panel first, or something from a breakers! Seen a sandblasted bonnet before! Not good!
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    Congratulations on winning the shell , it did look very tidy on eBay. I haven't got any personal experience with soda blasting on cars only motorbike parts but they did come out clean and undamaged . Would be interested in prices for it , I'm sure I've seen around £700 upwards on the forum which I'm definitely too tight to pay . I have got a small sandblaster which I may try with soda media but it would take a long time as it's only a small nozzle
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    Shame about the lack of description though!
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    Studs where all the same, smart route with longer studs, i would keep the squares until you get your rims fitted. Although they are weak in terms of illumination! Against modern day blinding white light, full beam almost looks like side lights. But......fitting these changes them slightly, makes them fit for purpose, and retains classic manta looks.
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    Ian, your thread has solved one of life's mysteries for me! When going through my spare pats i came across a packet from Thomas with a very small O ring it it and never could figure where it came from and now looking at your pack from the speedo drive i must have only used the outer one!! so your thread is useful and before i hook the cable i should swap out the old O ring for that nice new one!!
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    I'm going to try and make it as well.
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    Having completely forgotten about this last month, it's that time again on Monday. I'm planning to stay late at work Monday but will drive over straight after that if anyone's going?
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    Dashboard - colour and grain pattern look spot-on...
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    That's great news and thoroughly deserved after all your hard work 🎉
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    How close are the bump stops are now that its on its own weight. If you are not happy with the rear, look to see if springs are upside down. It maylook lower on the bigger alloys.
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    Not spent long down at garage today as it’s a family day and we always have Sunday Dinner together, with my mum. But we are at that point that things are going back together now that seems like we are getting loads completed 😁 Put the 13” rims back on to get a true reflection of the lower springs changes, but I will put the 17” multispokes on that the Black coupe came on as I think they will suit the car. Panhard Rod made adjustable, so the axle is central after the drop.
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    I reported them loads of times and got bored of it. If eBay can’t sort it out then why should we bother. I’ve got a feeling whoever is doing it are hacking genuine accounts to do it.
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    While I wait for yet more material samples to arrive, I thought I would break the boredom and work on something else. The 'wood' strip that surround the door pull and the lock slider seemed like a decent job to get stuck in to, so away we went. You can see that the chrome surround was held in place by some shallow staples on the back: Here you can get a feel for the reason I am doing the parts again, basically the base material is missing or flaking away around the two cut outs: I am pleased to report that my trusty wing man continues to supervise my progress on this project - well sort of... He continues to do well, which is great news Once all the little staples are out, you can separate the frame from the main wood strip: Next it was time to take the 5 mm plywood I had purchased a use the old strip as a template for the two new ones: As you can see, our other Cat decided she wanted to join the party as well - she really is a proper little Daddies girl - I can now officially introduce you to Lola everyone The weather forecast for tomorrow is awful, so with any luck I can get these cut out, PVA sealed and then perhaps even get the new wood effect vinyl on them - we shall see. Have a nice evening everyone.
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    This muppet has been doing this for months now 🤬 I usually sign him up first with a few newletters with the email address he gives then report him to ebay. Done three today already. He's even too stupid to use a different photo each time!
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    Ahh, now i see. unfortunately now. Not sure if the guys in the US use it or not? Quite a lot of useful info and help on opelgt.com, not sure if you would find any help there? Yep, your right there, very helpful and did seem to know their stuff. I will be back up there for a full power run once i have sorted out the few problems that i have.
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    Yeah those are proper red ! Looking at samples on a screen that might not be calibrated, can give a massive difference in the colours.
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    Herman, thank you for the ongoing updates on your progress with our 240 gearboxes. I had to shovel a pathway to the garage this morning to get to the Manta. This will be the first time since the early 2000's that the Manta has spent winter under any kind of cover, it's amazing how well it has survived. Chris
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    It’s a Berlinetta I think from memory. Mint shell with many pictures of the build. Taste-full upgrades etc and a good list of new parts. it will be on here and eBay - never sold a car on here but messed about plenty on here unfortunately so tend to avoid it.
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    Wow what a way to end the project thread for sticky. What a complete story it has been . Thanks sharing right to the end👍 Now what’s the address for me to send some panels 😂
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    Carl has a scuttle on Ebay at the moment. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-GTE-B-Series-1-8-Scuttle-Panel-Good-condition-Cut-Off/123722031470?hash=item1cce68616e:g:UbsAAOSwg35aru~f
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    Hi Ian, those clips are used by a lot of brands, not special Opel. They are easy to find at any carparts shop. Your local bodyworkshop must have them too, cause they break easily.
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    I have these clips - they are listed for Opel (old) and BMW. I’m going to try them on a door card I will be refitting later.
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    Ian I had no idea you took such a big task to restore a car that I thought could never be rescued, I would have fainted looking at it and allowed it to rest in peace at a scrap yard, but you knew and you undertook such a mammoth challenge, really impressed by your optimism, I wouldn't have thought a car in that state could even be restored, of course so much went into restoring it, I only wished you managed to get hold of a car that had little rust, like mine, I have rust but it is mainly confined to the bottom rails and floors, yes thanks to my sun roof drain that sends rain water down into passenger foot well, as that section as completely rotten including jacking point, but I managed to save it by welding solid sections and pipe for the jacking point, but I gave it to someone to weld, he done the welding which enabled it to pass MOT, but I was not happy with the quality of his welds, or may be my expectation were unreal, I paid £25.00 today just to have a look at the pictures as I have been a member for a while but I could not see any pictures or see classified ads, as I need a RH side Manta Head light, I bought one from a guy here a month ago,,and some bastard smashed it again during parking maneuver, so I caught him and got his details and he is willing to pay for one, so i will be looking for another RH Headlight, I do have a good one which I reserve for MOT, but after MOT I remove the good one and put back an old one that has tarnished reflector, so this was the one that got broken again, its always the RH side one that goes, last week there was one good one on Ebay (New but old stock) but i missed it. Very good thread and very painful too, you have spent hundreds of hours to restore this car, I wanted to see what you did to swan neck sections, but i have not so far gone through it all, its a very long project and lots of pages to study. Something new I learnt too....Dupuytren's contracture, so hos is your little finger now? Ian, how did you make such neat round holes on the new door cards? did you use a punch and die or a drill bit?
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    The door card dismantling goes on. First the top and bottom thin chrome strips were removed. This is easy, you just need to bend the tangs on the back and the strips pull away from the door card. You can now clearly see the three materials that make up the Cav GLS door cards: the vinyl 'cap', the material center and the carpet at the base: Now to start to remove those three layers. To get the material center and the carpet off, you have to unpick lord knows how may short leg staples all around the perimeter: Then these parts can be removed from the card backing: Then peel back the vinyl cap to reveal a rubber strip underneath: Then you have to prise off the top Steel window seal retaining strip and peel it away from the glue that is there too: Then peel off the rubber strip, this is glued to the card: Now the only obstacle that you face is getting the long/strong staples out that retain the seal strip to the top vinyl strip. I started to try to prise the first one out with a screwdriver, which resulted in bending the metal backing strip (which luckily I can straighten), before I remembered that Exclusive Opel wrote that he had carefully cut his away with a Dremel. Sincere thanks to him for this tip - this is most definitely the best way to do this - quick, easy and accurate without bending that backing strip unnecessarily! After all that, you should end up with a pile of parts that looks a bit like this: And a bare door card: The only part that I couldn't really understand, was what the small piece of foam in this photo does - any ideas guys? It at the top and sits at the front corner - paint protector perhaps? I'm picking up some nice new hardboard later from B&Q, then I can set about cutting out some new door card blanks. Then we start the hunt for suitable materials - this is where it all starts to get serious as: 1) The colours and textures will be carried across to the seats etc 2) My virgin sewing skills will get their first test as the door card material (with the additional layer below) has some straight stitch lines to create the ribbed effect you can see here: While we were in town yesterday, I did wander into our only material shop and found this which I quite liked the look and feel of: I will probably take in a bit of my old door card material in the week and see what kind of colour and texture match it is. It is an upholstery material, so it will certainly be suitable for the job I am doing. Have a nice day everyone
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    A little bit dismantling done. Firstly the door pocket was removed. This is held in place by seven screws from the back of the card: Next up was the 'wood' strip. This is held in place by as series of metal tangs that go through slots in the card itself: Bend these up 90 egress along its entire length and the strip can be pulled free: With closer examination of this piece, you can clearly see how it is constructed basically a thin wood panel, with chrome trim surrounds crudely stapled in place - not exactly rocket science. All quite straightforward so far
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    Going on eBay tomorrow evening once on eBay will let it run
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    welcome to the club, l know all the information given out on here is the correct information Put a better engine in as the shell can take the extra power Many many years ago l put a Bedford 2.3 engine into a 1975 manta it was very quick
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    Hello and welcome, best place for manta help right here! Seems your not pushed what direction this goes, any car ive done to date was kinda planned, not set in stone, but i did know from the offset. Its all depends what you want out of it, use, ownership length etc. Is a modified 400r worth more than a original b,? Will it cost more to restore, buying parts for original or modified bits. What about a poll ! Get some pics up!
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    I stumbled across a few old car photos a few days ago, I thought that they might give some of you a laugh so here they are: My first ever car a 1.6 Cav Saloon. This photo was taken on the first holiday I had with my now Wife. We drove down to the West Coast of France in it. By the looks of it I had seriously overloaded it! We got there and back safe and sound though. And the same car after some kind soul had hit it in the back and cleared off... Then I moved up to a 1.9 Coupe. This photo was taken on the Isle of Arran around 1988 The paint went all 'weird' on the roof, so I decided to respray it myself - in completely the wrong colour of Blue lol My mate Jim had a White Coupe and these photos were taken in the driveway behind my Parents house. This would have been around 1990 - 1991 Jim still misses his Coupe to this day and hasn't yet seen what I have been up to in my garage. I actually had a Fiat X19 follow me for miles, then when I parked up he jumped out and offered me £250 for my reg - like an idiot I said no! Memories eh?! Cheers all, enjoy.
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