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    Tip of the iceberg, loads done and I will try and get more pictures up. so the block is nearly done (starter motor I bought new isn't for a gte!) so the injectors have all been refurbished, all new quality fuel pipe and clips from Demon Tweeks as cheap ones are no good. Plenum has been media blasted and lacquered. Now all new and ready to roll
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    Damn forum wont let me post the last few pics ๐Ÿ˜ท The car is special, ill do right by her
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    Dear All, I hope that you are all keeping well. Over the last few days I have got a little bit done on the old girl. As mentioned above, the final 'big stitch' of both sections (front and back) of the passenger side seat back was done by a local upholstery company. They did a good job and were quite kind about my completely amateurish work on the rest of it Once I got that home I was able to reassemble the whole seat, and then this afternoon I have got it back in the car. My score for this job is 5/10 overall - its just all OK, but I feel that I could have done better really. Everything still needs a good smack about to get the piping all straight and so on - or perhaps that wont change anything, I don't really know to be honest... But I did learn a lot doing it and that should stand me in good stead with the drivers side and the rear seat. I do like the overall effect though when you look across from the drivers side to see the new seat covers against the door card. Anyway, you guys are the experts - I will let you judge for yourselves. Take care everyone, enjoy your cars
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    Not going to lie, I'm gutted I've got this built so quickly to begin using it and get the engine run in only for this virus to kick off, and be unable to get out on it. We can only hope this is over before the summer and shows can commence. Stay safe everyone and wish members all the best.
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    Got the prop shaft on, fuel line run and connected both ends, pressure reg pipes up with filter, wiring loom pulled back out RE wrapped and fitted for the final time, clutch cable fitted and pivot point set to where I felt happy with it, hand brake cable fitted and modded to suit rear calipers as its got rear disk, filled with coolant and fuel, turned it over a little on the starter and soon realised had no oil pressure, and nothing was getting to the head. Pulled the updated pump off, and fitted a standard new old stock one I had laying around and oil pressure fired straight up. Not sure what the issue was but I'll leave the standard pump on it. After getting the oil pressure sorted I fired it up for the first time and had a little mess about with the dizzy advance and carb settings. Got it running well enough, sounds sweet as a nut. Andy rutte is popping in over weekend to work has magic on it, then I can get it mot and run engine in before I send it off to performance centre for a session. ๐Ÿ™‚ brakes still need piping up yet, but I'm getting nearer the end โ˜บ also got the super Oscar's mounted up, not 100% I'm leaving them on yet, and struggling with wheels. The ones I have just don't look right for the car, and my other ones are too wide, they need to be on a 400 kitted car.
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    This was my very rusty but much loved GTJ now owned and being rebuilt by fullsunian The good times when she looked her best..the car that is . 20 odd years latter.the only good body work was the roof and bonnet sat in my back garden for many years didn't want to scrap it. Some strengthening work needed before one car became two Chassis legs repaird/replaced To be honest I really didn't think anyone would take this on and would end up with the roof cut off and scraped.my hat is off to you fullsunian.
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    Well itโ€™s been a looooooong time, but not far from getting car back from body shop. They have some snagging points to fix, a bit of the black trim that needs to be painted. Thinking the alloys now need to Dark anthracite with polished rim?
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    I did hope to update this thread quicker this time !!!! So first job with the engine was to do a trail fit and make a new n/s engine mount, as its a turbo lump the n/s mount would be in the way Just taked in so i could make any adjustments if needed I also decided to make a mod to the bulkhead as i didn't want the rear water outlet from the head hitting and also to make it look as if it has always been there, Bit hard to tell from the picture but i recessed it back about 25mm. Next i tried the radiator in place to see what room i had which was plenty, the top hat is facing the wrong but i fabricated it to face forward, will be in a later pic. I couldn't get the servo to fit so went about fitting a bias pedal box, as its not for a manta i had to fabricate the bulkhead where the original fitted to accommodate the new set up Making sure the steering column fitted between the pedals, the 2x master cylinders would now be inside the bulkhead and the reservoirs would sit just outside. I had to then make a removable panel to cover the cylinders. The small recessed section to the right in the picture is for the wiper motor. Engine etc back out and engine bay prepped and primed I wanted to paint the car a rich darker grey, only problem was i hadn't seen the colour on any other car, off to the paint supplier and looked through their Valspar paint chart and found the colour. Listed as grey funny enough, so here is. Different light different colour, it is a solid. Shell now painted Interior with soundeadener Engine and gearbox getting ready to go back in Had new from hubs made to five stud to match the rear Volvo axle, Saab calipers. cosworth discs. I'll update soon once the engine is running, hopefully end of the week all being well!!!
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    Nice....and yes I would swop the engine....may be a 3.2 V6 and widen the steel wheels, keep the hubcaps...plus buy myself a flat cap, thick rim glasses and brown leather gloves ....oh plus a brown tartan blanket covering back seat...then go looking for some street action....(no offence to anyone who dresses like this or owns a tartan blanket!)
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    So todays big news is i was contacted by the original owner / builder of the car today As you can imagine i had 1000 questions ! We had a long enthusiastic chat about the car, including him telling me all about the cars genesis, build and untimely demise after only 4 years / 26000 miles on the road He told me he has all the original paperwork, keys, stereo system which hes happy to pass onto me while im restoring the car But most importantly he has the original compomotive split rim wheels which he wants to gift to me so long as i pay the pallet carriage cost- well yes go on then !! The project just gets better ๐Ÿ™‚ Hiya john - im ok for the quarter panel but the roof could be really handy, will pm you now ๐Ÿ™‚
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    And i have it home at the unit ๐Ÿ™‚ First impressions are that its do-able Topside has quite a few bubbles in the paint and is going to need localised repair and it does have a factory roof dammit which is rusty down the back edge. It must have realiy hurt when it hit the tree because the whole front subframe is twisted and moved Basically everything forward of the bulkhead is bent, rusty or both I have most of the parts to deal with that though ๐Ÿ™‚ Floors are rotten and the usual swan neck stuff Due to the hole in the rocker cover i dread to think what the engine is like internally so that will need a full stripdown Turbo setup is janspeed and seems really well engineered ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚ Massive roto master turbo Im also told by a friend of the original builder that the engine is ported / polished / cam and bvh And that there is an lsd fitted whoo hoo If thats correct im a super happy man Interior is in good condition apart from the nearside door card because that window has been broken a long long time Immediate plan is make it roll, make it weather tight and get a log book applied for. Then collect some parts up while i finish off other projects. Then strip it down and crack on. Im very pleased overall The car is cooler than penguin piss ๐Ÿ™‚
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    Im painfully aware of the potentially ruinous build ahead of me But that feeling of being a kid and drooling over one particular car...and then there it is for sale...and im me with facilities, skills, parts, contacts....and then the guy selling is a decent sort who understands classics and takes my offer...well i was powerless to resist Just anxious now to get it collected and assess matters at hand !
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    Had a visit this morning from a new Manta owner who lives 5 miles away. It's standard apart from some stripes and the painted wheels.
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    I dont care about noise driving a thing like this, with big exhaust, twin 45s growling away ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ if it gets on my nerves I'll just turn the radio up lol. And it'll only be used once in a blue moon ๐Ÿ‘ Seats in, wiring had everything wired up for a test and everything now works lights etc.. apart from the horn which I'll have to look at. Got engine turning over and checked oil is getting up top, which seems good, can all come back off now for loom to be wrapped. Finished off the dash fitting, and all dash lights checked and working. 2 last coolent pipes cut yo suit and fitted, oil cooler fully removed, centre console fitted, gear gates and knob fitted, seat bases and seats fitted, and wet vac.
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    Just to let you all know what I've been doing in isolation over the past day or so! Also to say thanks to everyone for all the help. I'm going to trial these (if I get chance to use the car) and if all OK (I cant see a problem) then I will print them off for ยฃ5 per side + postage just to cover materials, & electric while printing they use 6Mtrs of filament each side. You will need your original centre piece (the white bit) as I haven't reverse engineered those bits. The material is TPU. It is a flexible printer filament like a hard rubber so perfect for this job and the layer adhesion is fantastic and very strong! as you can see from my image of it on the car the layer lines can be polished out on the top edge with a hard buff in a Dremel, but I didn't spend a lot of time on my one that's why it looks a little uneven in the image. PM me if you are interested in one or a set.
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    I would appear to have one of these kits, from the janspeed catalogue feb 1981
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    Well im the fool thats buying it !! I reckon i can save it with some hard work and the benefit of experience and stocks of parts Its an iconic car for me, was magazine featured when i was a kid and was the start of my manta obsession Deposit paid and collecting on tuesday Positively beside myself excited at getting my hands on that car How it was in the day
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    Decided to start on the mancona engine rebuild this weekend. Pulled the spare XE out of storage and got it stripped. Going to send the bare block off to be honed and blasted to bare steel, ready for a nice coat of paint. Im also considering to ditch the webbbers and putting it back on injection. ๐Ÿค”
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    When I resprayed the first part of the exhaust it was wet and cold... So under the carport and stole the hairdryer of the Missus: Don't tell it further... But the metal was nice warm and spraying the paint was no problemo๐Ÿ˜Š When I went under the car to fit the exhaust my eye felt on a spot with rust! Just behind where the front axle is bolted on the chassis-rail๐Ÿ˜ฌ. So had to remove the upper wishbone-, the shockabsorber and the caliper together with the disc& hub and steering knuckle. Grinded the rust out and welded a small piece into the hole. Painted everything with hammerite but when I wanted to spray it with stonechip everything wrinkled... So again paint of, degreasing and paint again, it was one of those days. Cleaning the injectors: Did this outside cause the fumes are not healthy. Fitted some silicone lines on the injectors and filled it with some carb cleaner. Gave it 2bar airpressure to check if they closed nice and activated the injectors with a selfmade cable. Used the batterypower of the Insignia: After opening and testing the injectors I let them so the cleaner could do its work and later I sprayed them again. Fitting the injectors again with new rubbers and feul lines&clamps: This is the Gates tube ethanol proof: Have a nice Sunday-evening, Herman
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    Thanks jess ๐Ÿ˜‚ So today, I got all the brake pipes in and brakes bleed up. P clipped all fuel and brake pipes, permanently fitted cibbie brackets. Had to remove the bloody door cards again to strip the handles and locks of for my mate to fit the decals, so decals on and gave it its first quick run up our yard. Spoiler now painted today, as I've been waiting on some products to arrive to stop it cracking, so I can fit that tomorrow now. Nearing the end at last ๐Ÿ˜
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    Hi All, been a while I posted something on my own topic. Been busy at the barracks, teaching someone how to do my job so at the end of the day tired. Try to explain something to a boy that is more than 30 years younger and never seen action. But did some things on the Manta, not that much... The heat shield, looks nice but had to drill a hole in my floorpan cause one of the studs broke. So the carpet & insulation again out: Did some work in the engine-bay, some loom back on its place and the sharp eye can see my starter engine is smaller than an original. Cause it is one of a Omega A 3.0-24V. The starter has got more power but is smaller๐Ÿ˜! Did this cause the original starter had problems to get the engine around, thought first I had a weak battery: Disassamble the inlet manifold and cleaning all the parts. The throttle house was filled with black residu so I disassambled the butterfly. Also the injectors and feul lines: The injectors in different stages how to remove the old feul lines. Used a sharp knife and a sharp small flat screwdriver to cut the lines, pull them of with a pair of plyers and the metal ring comes of without problems: You will find a micro-feul filter in the inlet of the injector, use a screw to pull it out: They look pretty clean after more than 30 years, so I hope the rest of the injector will be the same: Another pic of one of the injectors with old tube and filter: The new filters, and an injector with on the nose a not usable rubber O-ring: The same time I ordered some new O-rings and gaskets at the webshop of Thomes (Edelschmiede) and they arrived after some days: So I wanted to buy some more ethanol-proof feul lines but my supplier tolled me there was a problem. Out of stock and they had to order 4 sets of each 4,6meter. So I was happy with one box of 4,6meter but the other 3 boxes would eat dust till the end of time. Looking on the "WWW-internet" but one day driving back from the barracks I saw an Escort Mk2 (Yes a Ford) stopping on a gas-station. Got to check this out and parked my Insignia next to this classic car. Had some small talk with the owner and we came on that subject of those ethanol-proof feul lines. That guy works as a salesman in a carparts shop, he was able to order one box of those feul lines and Thursday it was delivered at my place. So this is an example how classic car owners can help each other, some ones have other sources and knowledge... More about cleaning the injectors later, Grts, Herman
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    Getting stuck in again. I was hoping to get finished by last summer but didnโ€™t quite happen. It was mainly paint prep to do and itโ€™s not ideal in the cold and damp. Anyway, rebuilt suโ€™s and harnes bar sorted. Few odds and sods like brake pipes etc then wait for warm weather to spray ๐Ÿ‘
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    Rear seat area now panel out. Seats going in later, and got the man the myth the legend who is Mr Andy Rutter coming over next weekend to help me set up the top end of engine and hopefully get it running. Can't wait ๐Ÿ˜€
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    Bolted all the nuts and bolts of the rear axle on their torque, a job still had to do. Same time I checked the chassis on forgotten spots (stonechip) to be sure I can fit the exhaust line. The engine bay is looking ready to start the engine: Don't know what to do with the HT leads, they look just thrown on the engine. Some old engines have a tube where they are fitted in, or something like a rail on the Omega2.4: The centre part of the exhaust never fitted on the first part so I used a universal joint but after years it was too rusty to use again. The Corona-lockup forced me to create a better solution cause my car-parts shop is closed. So I welded a tube on that part and gave it a fresh paint: And my Son prepared a valve-cover to set the hydraulic valves: The old one was ruined cause I drove over it... Have a nice weekend and stay healthy, Herman
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    Quick update. I managed to get the welding done over my lunch break (working from home now...) and dressed them off quickly with a flap wheel. Everything seems to still hinge correctly and it sits level - always a positive lol Its not particularly pretty, but it is certainly very strong, which I was worried about. I will probably fit the backrest temporarily this evening and bolt it back in to see if I now clear the roof in my preferred seating position.
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    Thanks Jess, yes exactly! - I had actually considered that - please see below. So the cutting is done and we have this: As Jess mentions, you are then faced with the problem of the angled section of tubular frame not reaching far enough across to be able to make a joint. I plan to construct a bridge piece using this piece of plate Steel:
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    The big wing on the back is the only thing i dont like and i may not be keeping it on, but it is part of the cars history so maybe it will stay. But ill be going with different wheels while they are missing so it wont be a slavish original restoration It is a custom car after all so ill be wanting to put my own mark on it Im just really interested to see how far the rot goes exactly Front chassis and floors likely fubar but it dont look too bad at all under the back end....
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    The more people that tell me the lights don't look right on it, just confirms to me I've made the right decision. As I like to be different and stand out in a field full of manta ๐Ÿ˜‚ Regarding the wheels I really liked them until I put them on the car, but something about them just doesn't sit right with me. Maybe I should paint them grey or white and see how they look with spacers fitted and lowered ? I'm not going mad on wheels at the moment as I'm 5 stud this later on in the year once show season is out the way. I've purchased front 5 stud hubs from TJM just need to figure the rear out now. I've still got to complete the v8 400 track car and rebuild the engine on the mancona before sywell as I'm wanting to get them all there this year. May even get a mate to take the commodore too ๐Ÿค” so with so much to do. My time is limited on this, hence the super fast build to this point ๐Ÿ‘
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    I'm running a V6 Vectra engine in my A, love the power and not too hard to install. You will need to make some custom parts: Sump, Manifolds, exhaust system, engine mounts off the top of my head. I have the full wireing pin outs available if you need them.
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    @IanMc It's only a cheep one. It's a CTC bizer from ebay I dont think you can buy it any more most important is the V3.0 extruder nossle and heated bed and I use a glass build plate. I also have about 20 years CAD experience which helps with getting designs up and running quickly. Also use good quality media. Especially TPU and ABS the latter of which is used widely in the automotive industry due to its resilience to temperature and UV light.
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    No new pictures, started the engine without spark-plugs to check if the oil pressure is ok. Did this also before I fitted the engine in the car but got to be sure... Then I asked my son to fit the ignition on the engine and we started the engine without feul but with "start-pilot" just to be sure the ignition is doing his work. The engine came alive so we are happy the engine runs. So tomorrow feul in the tank, activating the pump (on the fuses) to check all the new feul lines for leaks. The exhaust is fitted (hate those rubbers on the midle section) so we can start that engine tomorrow. Am proud of my son, he is 19 and in those Corona-days he takes his responsibilities. He has got to miss his friends and doesn't hang around so that is something I respect. I helped him to fit some Manta things on his 20 year old Opel Corsa, will take pics! Stay healthy, Herman
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    My wife couldn't find any bud but got this instead.....really not sure about its name .
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    I stick to Bosch.....although mine is an uprated version ....plus use a larger Jag XJ6 fuel filter which is a straight swop for Manta one, just need a larger jubillee clip to attach to bracket.. ps The standard pump is good for about 200bhp.. (50hp per injector).
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    Autovaux have a Dehphi one for ยฃ42.68 along with a list of part numbers and compatible vehicles which may be useful for cross referencing at places like GSF etc. https://www.autovaux.co.uk/fuel-pump-1508300
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    Absolutely correct, for long term a genuine Bosch from reputable shop is the best option. as John warns, be aware of cheap copy/fakes on eBay. Some even look very much like original, but if itโ€™s too cheap rule applies. There are also reputable stores on eBay though, if in doubt ask here. But there are some half decent alternatives, letโ€™s call them clones, by other companies. But they do tend to be a little noisy in comparison. Buying something really cheap to just get you started so you can move it about? Your going to need a good pump anyway, so buy a proper one now will save you long term.
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    Yes the reservoir fitted fine, I think I was cleaning it up due to adding Automec DOT 5 fluid to a new brake system. I was so glad to get one of RetroPowers XE SS Exhausts as unlike some pre manufactured ones it fitted like a glove at 2.5" Dia. ๐Ÿ˜Ž Pictures taken by Mantaray, while finishing the little job on my car before an MOT. (circa 2013)
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    Yep seller confirms timewaster, running issue was the earth strap - he impulse bought it and is just after his money back. I'm guessing 2395 will get it, it's still a nice car for someone.
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    Was together with my son a bit ill so had to stay home, took this week free (had some days leave to take) to be sure I made nobody sick at the Barracks but I saw a member of my platoon in the village. While we kept necessary distance he said my unit sended everybody home till 3th of April, just to be sure there are healthy troopers if Belgium would go in a total lock-down. I went 7 times overseas to Africa, Somalia, middle east and closer to Kosovo, Bosnia and so on. But yet we have to fight something that is invisible, and it takes a lot of discipline to beat it. I phoned my company sergeant major to inform I'm going in retirement on the first of April... He had to inform my Company-commander about this and called me again. So I have to stay home, no goodbye. Gives me an awkward feeling, 38 years of service... When this corona thing is beaten I will throw the party I had to cancell! Did some work on the Manta, fitting the injection manifold, cleaning and retaping the injection loom and some minor things: Keep save & healthy, Herman
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    (Also Posted on the OMOC Members Facebook Page) 2020 is rapidly turning into the worst year in living memory with work and social life being heavily affected by the Covid-19 global outbreak. It all seems like something from a movie, but we are gradually coming to terms with that fact that this is a very real threat and potentially here to stay for a while. As a result, we are seeing that most of the events in the Classic Car World are being cancelled, what with the NEC Restoration show being cancelled alongside many other national and local meets. This is going to impact our hobby for the rest of the year. All is not lost though - we have our Facebook group and Web Forum so that we can keep in touch. Some may say that the social media has helped stir up this issue, but we can also use it for keeping in touch with each other. We can organise some live events and potentially virtual car shows too. We could make the most of the time to get some of those projects underway and share what you are doing with other members, who will be only to interested to see what you are up to! As for the VBOA show in the summer, we will obviously keep an eye on the situation and advise of any changes in proceedings. Iโ€™m lucky in that I live near to Sywell and am a fairly frequent visitor, and with Shaun also a member of the OMOC, we should get to hear if the situations changes. Please bear this in mind when looking to make plans for the summer. Our thoughts must go to those that will undoubtedly suffer throughout this time. Those that have elderly relatives and especially those in the care system. Folks with school age children will also be worrying about how they will cope. For all of us with jobs, that is also another concern. How long can the country be locked down like this before we all start to feel the effects. I know that some people have already lost their jobs as a direct result and our thoughts go out to you all. I think understandably, our plans for the rest of the year, including the NEC Practical Classics Restoration Show on 27-29th March are now all on hold until we receive further instruction. The organisers are looking to reschedule for later on in the year. At present, the Nation Classics Motor Show in November is still going ahead but I guess time will tell. Advice from the WHO and the UK government is being followed. As soon as we have any more news, it will be posted on our social media. This is a very difficult moment for the world - not just clubs having to cancel shows - and every sector of society is being affected. Most of us have never seen anything of this magnitude before in our lifetime and the swiftness of its escalation has been shocking and disturbing. It is our sincere wish that you all take care of yourselves, be safe, be vigilant, and, most importantly, treat each other with kindness, respect, and mindfulness, and love for humankind. In the meantime - get in the garage and socially isolate yourself doing something good for your Manta! Paul B OMOC Chairman
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    That car sold for ยฃ1200 last year
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    Pulled the plate.....open diff ๐Ÿ˜• news gets better though Been in contact lots with vince the original builder Wheels are wrapped up ready to come my way along with keys, paperwork and original stereo system Vince if you read this thank you from the bottom of my soul ๐Ÿ’œ And vince also sent me a load of back in the day pics of the car including scans of the mag feature from hot car in feb 82 which i remember from being a kid....but no wing then which totally agrees with my memory ! The start of the manta obsession....
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    I definitely found the super pro bushes amazing when I did have my car on the road, they really tightened the ride. Hopefully back on very soon, just got to finish another car first. I have discs upgrade on all four corners and Mantasrme on the forum (same guy as Trooker mentioned) is a great contact for this upgrade and other parts. A few people swear by the VW Polo heater (not sure on the mark/year) as a great cabin heater/fan upgrade. I have the 16V conversion on my car but mine has the later electronic (M2.8) ignition. If you need coolant hoses, JS Performance (Lincoln) sell silicone hose kits, as my car was the template for them. There are a few places that may have stock as well like RetroPower. I have the same problem as you in cataloguing the work for a thread project, as once I start I just want to complete the task. This is a great place for genuine information on Manta and variant cars, especially being an OMOC member, definitely worth the forum fee. I always get my moneys worth on here and I have been a member for close on 15 years (I think I missed a year sometime back). Welcome to the OMOC club.
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    It's gonna be a though job to restore this car, wish you succes! I remember the first time I saw a "400", begin eighties. Wanted that car so much. So I understand you bought this one, make your dream alive.
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    Spent all day today cleaning 35 years worth of crap and debris off and out of the car Looks much better for a wash ! It now rolls and steers ๐Ÿ™‚ Logbook applied for Some tricky bits to repair topside but doable Osr quarter around the fuel cap is particularly rough Nearside floor , chassis, sill, both a posts and entire boot floor/ spare wheel well totally solid Drivers side inner / outer sill wants looking at plus the front end stuff Overall im really pleased with it, so much better than it could have been Sadly just a standard diff though Shopping list for parts made, get on with it once other stuff is boxed off
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    Seller has got someone local coming with ยฃ1750 for it - said he'll give me a shout if they let him down. I was hoping to get it for ยฃ1500 to cover the ยฃ300 quid it will cost to get it here and then at least ยฃ200 to placate the Mrs
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    It certainly looks like a project with good potential. When my โ€˜projectโ€™ arrived at home my Mrs christened it the Mid Life Crisis, said it was an embarrassing wreck & swore never to set foot in it. Guess I should have tested the water slightly first ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
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    Ideally I should have some sort of record of what's being done and have a thread but I invariably tear into a job and then remember the camera after it's done, I'll try and slow it down this time ๐Ÿ˜. Like you say there an encyclopedic amount of knowledge here from a lot of hands on experience, the best kind imo. Thanks for that link, it'll be studied intensely. I can work my way around landrover having driven them over 20 years but I haven't had a car since my old kadetts in the 90s
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