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  1. Spent a few hours in the garage tonight. Decided to tackle the non working petrol gauge. Previous investigation confirmed the gauge was fine, it was the sender unit was knackered. With the car lying around for approx 20 years moisture had got into the tank and basically rusted the sender unit away - there was no way back. I've been keeping an eye out for one for a year or so, but not even seen one for sale. With nothing to loose I decided to buy any one and try to adapt it. A visit to ebay and £1.79 lighter I was the proud owner of a Mini Metro sender unit - brand new!! Here's the new Metro unit beside the knackered Manta one Next I removed the printed circuit board from the Metro sender and modified the wiring I then cut off the Metro arm & float and connected it to the Manta float using a stripped piece of connector block Completed the wiring (this is the fixed earth between the Metro sender unit & the Manta mounting frame Next was to determine how much fuel was in the the tank. Back to basics here - I tied a bolt onto the end of a piece of string and lowered it into the tank a wee bit at a time, withdrawing it each time to see if it was touching the fuel. This confirmed there was just under half a tank. The next bit was trial and error. I'd to put a bend on the float arm and fit the sender unit to calibrate the gauge. 45min later and after 3 adjustments it was ready to fit Hey Presto! Well worth £1.79 and an evenings work!! Who'd have thought a Metro part would make its way onto a Manta!!
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