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    Hey guys I was a member a while ago from Manchester and have a load of pictures that may be of interest. Not sure about specific locations or dates but I'd guess about 6 years ago. America Day @ somewhere Billing, porbably a couple of years jumbled together; Another Cheshire Show A very hot Tatton Park Randoms; -Don't think I took this. Probably hosted for someone. -A wet Saturday at Tatton. I think we had 3 cars on the stand that day.
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    More Randoms on my Photobucket I had quite a few more but lost loads when a paid-for hosting site expired.
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    Oh I just noticed some pictures have date stamps YAY! Man, they use to really annoy me ha ha. More from Billing - Pretty sure this was/is Rick Mantas ? A wet Tatton Park
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    Slight progress made over the past couple of weeks Went over to Mickappys to see his fantastic 400 LET and he had an electric hoist....I want one now.....so ebay and 3 days later and a few hours making a bracket and it will be easy to take the engine and box in and out the 50 times to move it forward 2" Retro power put me onto the hubs they used for Curts Ascona and i was on them in a shot Got these from ebay and they are 4HA hubs with a 5x120 PCD Now i've already got a pair of 4HA 5x120 hubs but i like these too Problem is the studs are too small, so i smacked ten bells of s##t out of them, no movement Turns out they are screwed in! New studs meant i had to open the holes up and machine a flat face for the stud to sit in new studs drawn in done, new studs vs standard hub With that done it's time to look at the front end:wacko: To put back in all the parts i had taken out to suit the volvo intercooler and rad would take ages and probably not look as good as i want it to. So I cut the front end off:thumbup Hunt the spot welds Front end off No I'm not going to Mancona it!! Replacement front end that was fitted to a car brand new two years before i cut it off ( it's off the mancona hatch) Bit of Dolly and hammer work The large flat dolly was a cheap find, it's a lump of machined steel fitted into the inside of a volvo v70 ( 1998) car under the center console! Front end cleaned up and clamped on Lower valance spot welds found and removed, no need for one on a 400 Inside engine bay now ready for the radtech radiator and rs500 intercooler in the nose after removing the nose brace Next is to check the mounting faces and replace any metal i damaged when i removed it from the mancona hatch, then i will cleco it into place and carefully remove metal to allow space for the intercooler pipes. Then it's going to be soda blasted once i have remove any rust traps Oh yea and i treated myself to a new 42" plasma for the garage, just got to make the bloody mount for that!
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