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    More progress over the last few weeks.
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    Many thanks to Daz for coming to the rescue, that's the OMOC for you, good folk ready to help out. With folk like Andy Rutts who is gonna weld up for me & Daz, we really have a top club going. Cheers Guys.
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    Finally got a few hours at the manta this evening, finished repairing the drivers rear arch up and into primer...
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    looking like it means business!
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    Have done a few of the minor jobs on the car since that last event, as I am due out at Abingdon again on 8th June. It now has the sump guard fitted and exhaust seems better protected, so would hope that avoids problems on the bumpy grass section that knocked the pipe last year. A set of rally springs have been fitted, which raise the car a bit from the old set and give a bit more compliance. Still running the old Spax gas dampers though. New Bimarco seats fitted, old Sparco seats sold on fleabay for a decent price. Put a couple of belt cutters in the car (an MSA requirement this year). Did more work on fuel pipework, pressure regulator and filter location (now in the boot). Radiator fan now controlled by a thermostatic switch, so I can't forget to switch it on. Haven't done so yet but was always a risk. Vacuum advance unit replaced with one that works and now connected with a vacuum pipe. That seemed to help some of the running issues but it still doesn't pull all that smoothly. Certainly not how I'd want or expect a V8 to response to the throttle. Still have the same minimal silencer on there (which results in my ears wringing after a one-hour spirited drive on the road, oops). For rallying, I will need to refit the exhaust insert to get it within the noise limit. Last year, that was much more effective than I'd wanted or expected, so now it has some holes drilled in the insert to try and reduce it's effectiveness. Sure it also strangles the engine, so a different silencer should be a future change to put in place. Have some more tyres to go on the various (14") wheels, as rear set show a lot of wear (from that locked diff, particularly) from not many actual miles. In future, I'd really want to go up to 15" rims and get a better choice of tyres and greater widths. I've got little free time in the next few weeks - as ever - so although the car is technically rally-ready, I have pretty much the same list of improvements and tasks I would still like to work on between now and then. This includes: Rolling road session to try and sort out the poor running. Also to get power output readings with and without the exhaust insert, just to know current levels. Moving fire extinguisher bottle. I now have the right pipework to do that, plus it will need fitting of new pull cables, if I get round to it. Increase front camber and add (more) toe-out, if I can, to try and reduce the understeer a tiny bit. Adjust damper settings to full soft at front and full stiff at rear. Slight chance I may buy a set of Bilsteins, which I very much want on the car, before the event. Tweak tyre pressures for more front grip and less at the rear - might use the naff road tyres at the rear on the event, keeping the better tyres on the front, if I still suffer with major understeer. Oh, I also need to get a tow bar fitted to our replacement Heep, so that I can tow the rally car to and from the event :-o Sorry, no photos of late, other than the brake pads that fell apart when I took the calipers off to do the steering rack gaiters Bad Pads
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    hi jack sorry it looks very unlightly that i will make billing as im at at a traction engine rally with my two shire horses that weekend but if you want to come down to leicstershire im shure we can go out for a run in her simon
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    Hi James here's a couple of pics of sunroof in it fits car perfect . I'm now having a 2.4 cih built as I want to keep the standard look hopefully it will be in for billing ! Will look forward to meeting you and everyone else . Oh and a few beers I expect !!!! Regards Paul
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    Hope to contact the seller soon and keep it in the club and standard.
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