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    Hello I have recently re-joined the group after a few years absence.. and pleased to be back as well for more than one reason.... I will re-introduce myself and my connection to the Cavalier Coupe: I am 52 and way back in my youth I had a a 76 cavalier coupe which my younger brother wrapped around a lampost. PPN 288R That is my brother in the image and not me... So a few years ago I managed to purchased a 77 model YBD703S and joined this group. Some older members may recall me doing so. My intention at the time was to attend to the various bits and bobs on this.. although there wasnt a great deal wrong. However... shortly after this I started to not feel quite right.. and being self-employed (taxi driver) I found that my usual hours of work becoming a bit of a strain as I was getting tired all the time with many bouts of severe headaches. In 2009 I had the worse pain in my head imagaginable .. although I got over that at the time. Moving forward I ended up being diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2012 and in May 2013 it was taken out. Having informed the DVLA I was 'eventually' given a 12 month revocation.. although I got my DVLA licence back yesterday. Whilst the type of tumour I had is quite rare...I am pleased to say that the prognosis is good. I am also worth more now as I have a titanium plate in my head... much like the many cavalier/opels that need plating up... and as others have said... "We always thought you were a 'Tit-Head" People can be so nice So... with all this going on my beloved cavalier coupe sat on my drive. The body now has various rust issues.. .but I made a point of starting it up on a regular basis through all this time.. she is currently purring away at the moment Every time I walk pass her on the drive I give her a pat and apologise to her for not treating her the way I should have done.. I think our relationship is still ok as she lets me throttle her up..... I am gentle with her.. but I know how to treat her gently I have had several people knocking on my door asking if the car is for sale... which it is not... not now.. not ever I am not sure of what progress will now be made... but... as I myself improve..... then so will the coupe. So... I shall be looking at the forum on a regular basis and asking questions every now and then. Andrew Peters
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    thanx guys,nice to be back, rab,paul,stu,loobie accept my appologies for my foul mouth rant last month ,i did the crime and served my time,it wont happen again, steve
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    Hi Andrew, Great to hear your winning your personal health battle. Best of luck with the car and I hope you have it the way you want it very soon.
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    Welcome back Andrew, I remember you being on here when I first joined up. Glad to hear you're on the road to recovery! Hopefully some time soon the old girl will see the road again, get her to Billing and I'll park my saphire blue coupe next to it if it's ever finished!
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    Welcome back Andrew Glad to hear you've got your health & license back. Keep us all posted on the progress on the Cav. I see in one of the pics there's a Manta lurking in the background TDV 583R
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    Welcome, I probably wasn't member when you first were. Best wishes for the restoration, of the car and your health.
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    At last! Car loaded and ready for delivery to the paint shop tomorrow!!
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    Thanks Dave! You don't know when this picture was taken do you? I love that Car soooo much!!!
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    don't forget to put a blank in exhaust cam oil delivery for dizzy. MUST DO NOT MYTH use an astra gte mk1 dizzy in it which is best for carbs route. DEFINATLY NOT MYTH (unless you go mapable ignition then it could look like a myth) brackets are available from bigcliff I have one. FUCKIN BEUTIFUL NOT MYTH made of dogs do dahs aircraft grade alloy. 1.8 dizzy just fits perfect when used. DEFINATLY BEUTIFUL NOT MYTH I have killed animals for a living for 32 years and know what works and not myth.
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    Well folks i have went from a user off omoc to a full paid member the reason the amount of help building my first manta gt i could not have managed with out your help thanks folks
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    I have recently become a full Member of the club and I have never met so many genuine people than on the Manta club. Jack.
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