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    Hi all this is my manta I have been working on for the last year or so which is now Mot'd and back on the road after I bought it from the last owner its a little rough in places but its coming along nicely it had been garaged since 2003.
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    the car dose need a bit of work done , swan necks and wheel well prob the worse bit of her but other than that i tink she is good.
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    this is my manta gte have ita a year now and just gettin to make a start on it now. i had only went for a noisy, but had go bk for
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    Hi all I have been away from the club for about 6 years now due to family illness and one thing or another, my poor manta 400r has been dry stored since then. I now have the time and money to at last get the project finished, I hope as I came over via face book you can see the photos of my car on my page . It is about 95% finished with only a few bits left before I look for someone to tune it for me as since we have put the xe engine in its hunting on low revs.Well I must go and re do my membership now so I can log in ect With thanks colin
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    Thanks for that.
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    its not bad its not great but I think I will get there
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    Don't know about "better"! Big number isn't the only thing! Apologies for taking this thread off topic! Back on topic, I have never actually read this thread from the beginning, which I did last night. I now feel stupid for not doing. What an awesome build, and what a lovely background your car has. Hats off to all involved, some very serious club and friend help, and what car clubs should be all about. Can't wait till you get the car back and get grinning!! Nearly there now!
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    That is a very nice Manta there Matthew, my godfather had a Manta like this many years ago in fact it is the one in my profile picture. Sadly it ended in a disaster story but looking at your Exclusive Coupe it reminds me of it alot. Jack.
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    I'll b there dave. Will also email the other green manta !!!
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    Don't forget to fit the yellow speedo drive from your 4speed box into the 5 speed box.this is correct for the 1.6 axle ratio. Keep the red one thou just in case you ever fit a 2.0axle. The 1.6 axle will feel better on acceleration but revs will be a bit higher at motorway speeds.
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    The last gearbox cross member i modified to fit the five speed box into a cavalier.
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