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    Hello Jack, when I read between the lines I think you'r a lot younger than me. I wish you luck with your search for a Manta. And yes, a 400 has got some impact on your savings! I thank my wife on my both knees that I had her permission to buy that car. On the other side; I am a car mecanical, so I save a lot of money that I don't have to spend on a dealer. (and I work sometimes "after the ours") Sorry to hear that Billing in Juli is, we work both full-time and Juli is the month that we go on holiday in the Pyrenees. (see picture above MantaGSI) The sound of a street version is almost the same as the rally-car, but I don't have that "sucking" sound of the double weber carburators... And another picture; a day out with the 400: And I think I gonna join the Web Membership, a lot of interesting topics but invisible pictures. Grtz!
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    That graph looks just like mine, except on mine the green line is money spent, and the blue one is progress made, yellowish one would be partner satisfaction, and red would be the number of engine parts I replace. I kind of hate you for how easy you made it all look
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    14.7 best on the day in the damp. better than I thought I would get running 0.8bar of boost. veryhappy heres a clip. not my best time tho https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4q8IXZCt7iA
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    Actually can't believe I can't see my own pictures because I refuse to pay 25 quid. Goin to update this anyway. I recently advertised my Manta to pay for courses for work but hadn't got much interest. That's not my loss as somebodies missed out on a great car at a good price. Not to worry, just stripped the car and going to be painted. Probably going to put an Xe in it with rear disc conversion and power steering if funds allow. The car is to be painted in Glacier white and will have Rota drift wheels and full exclusive kit minus spoiler.
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    Not this year... just travelling up for the Sunday... pop over it'll be awesome
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    Yeh it was a guy called Gary Gee who owned them, one went to France and the other he's had for sale a while and he used to show it with a club at shows and rally's
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    there is a link pipe under the engine for the exhaust to go from the manifold to the turbo
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    I agree this definitely needs saving and not to be broken especially with how few were made. Very cheap start price too. Sad that Vauxhall's and Opel's (even super rare ones) are so overlooked and under rated cos if this had a blue oval on the front you could add a few grand to the start price and there would still be a fight over it.
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    I second that would be a real shame to break something that rare
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    The bit I keep wondering is where does the exhaust go? The turbo's on the wrong side of the head...
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    I love that car. It wants saving to be honest
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    Damn you! I was trying not to draw attention as it's the perfect donor for my Senator A!
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    That what I was going to say, it's a complete bargain but not one that I can afford.
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    Its a bargain for those with very deep pockets.
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    That looks amazing, I am actually looking at a genuine Manta rally car for sale! It's an amazing story I think and it says when it was being restored to it's original condition they consulted the person who had it built for him back in the day of the rally. £125,000 means I can't afford it but I think it would be awesome if it was reunited with a rally stage to keep the noises of the 80's rallying alive and the sight of a Manta flying over a jump 1ft next to you.
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    jack should of been at billing a few years ago. more 400s than you could shake a stick at
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    one sold to Germany a while ago. other has stayed local now doing rally shows with group b. looks like both up for sale but don't know number,
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    I thought these sold ages ago, I know one went to France from what I heard as these were built locally to me, Mr Rutter any idea?
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    Er!!! at least the water pump on that 400 engine looks the same as mine....
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    Hi Jack, would be good to see you, always welcome to pop in for a look round. Funnily enough I'm actually in sheffield first thing tomorrow morning to pick up another bit of metalworking kit! My wife is from sheffield too so we pass dronfield pretty regularly on the way up the A61 to see her mum. We didn't start the business with mantas as such, but there was a heavy opel/vauxhall influence in our earlier work (there still is to be fair!) The Opel link happened because both myself and my brother were serial manta owners (I bought a GTE coupe when I was 18 and I built my 16v exclusive in 1996 when I was 19) and had worked on a lot of them over the years. It also happened because two seperate guys came to us to see if we could build their dream cars, one of whom was Curt Pattinson who owns the white ascona 400 replica in our avatar pic.
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    Promenade Stages Rally New Brighton Friday 7th and 8th Sept Anybody going? 2012 RALLY SPECTATOR TIMETABLE Friday 7th September 2.00pm – 4.00pm Noise Check / Scrutineering – 5.15pm – 10.00pm Super Special Stage – New Brighton Catch all of the cars and drivers close up at the pre-rally safety checks session. Then from 5.30pm watch the Super Special Stage, two rally cars compete at the same time. Charges: £5.00 per car / £3.00 on foot – includes 1 free detailed colour rally spectator programme. To get there follow the rally arrows from Junction 1 of the M53 Motorway to the Promenade New Brighton. From Liverpool exit Wallasey Tunnel and follow the signs for New Brighton Promenade. Saturday 8th September Rally Starts at 8.15am Last Car Finishes at approx. 5.45pm 90 cars tackle 10 Special Stages around the unique New Brighton closed road circuit at Kings Parade, New Brighton. Excellent viewing from all of the designated Spectator Areas, plus running commentary and catering facilities on site. Charges: £5.00 per car / £3.00 on foot – includes 1 free detailed colour rally spectator programme. Or if you come on the Friday evening bring your copy of the programme for FREE entry to Saturday’s rally. Winners Champagne Spraying – 6.00pm approx. – New Brighton Promenade See website below promrally.wallaseymc.com Geoff
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    kool, this comes around quick this event
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