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    Well it went through the MOT yesterday, so we're nearly legal. Just sent off the UK registration application. The DVLA advises that this will take 4 - 6 weeks so it could be a little touch and go for Billing - let's hope it's sorted in time. Well, it failed the MOT, as expected, on the following: Inoperable horn, rear brakes out of balance, all four tyres cracked (receipts suggest they were 12 years old!), and emissions. I'd already replaced the tailpipe which was falling apart so not bad really. A new set of tyres and all the bits done and it now has a UK MOT. I've also stuck a new battery on it for peace of mind. The journey back from the MOT station was interesting though. Arriving home after a blast down the A12, thick smoke started to appear from the front near side........one brake caliper had seized and fried the pads and boiled the fluid, needing the garden hose to quell the pads. Rather than faff about buying re-build kits I've now ordered new calipers for both sides, discs, pads, fitting kit and flexis. I'm just waiting on their arrival and the brake re-build will begin. Otherwise the car seems to be in pretty good shape with just minor cosmetics to sort......... .........let's hope it makes it to Billing :-)
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    Guess what, i bought a new pump off ebay and my 2.4 is running once again! It must be catching Danny.. Roy
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    yes i think so. had the same issue on my 2.7 Exclusive and after trying all that you did, ended up buying a new pump on Ebay. Danny
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    And Now For Something Completely Different
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